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LoveAgain is a premium dating site with a simple mandate to help singles fall in love again. It may not look very flashy, but this senior-friendly platform can get the job done. Anyone over 18 can sign up for LoveAgain for free, but the dating platform appeals primarily to mature audience. Singles over 40 make up a majority of the user base. Dating, courtship, going out, going steady - whatever you called it it was a different concept in the 1960s than the internet laden landscape of the 21st century. For the young women of the mid-century courtship and dating was a group affair. Getting to know the opposite sex frequently meant a gaggle of guys and… Free dating with Absolutely Free Dating Site. Luckily, absolutely free dating sites exist and they have a whole lot to offer. One of the best and most popular features of a dating site is free online dating chat. Chatting is a really good way to have a relaxed conversation with anyone you like and find out if that person is worth your attention. What about a 19 year old who’s dating a 57 year old but he started pursuing her when she was just 18 just turning 18 this happens to be my ex fiancé who cheated on me with this girl, whom he just said he met at the gym and was helping her because her parents weren’t supporting her with school and such. The rules of over 60s dating. If you, too, are considering taking the plunge in your fifties or sixties, I’d like to save you some time and trouble by sharing my top pointers for navigating the wild waters of online dating: Be sceptical of online dating profiles. Be sceptical about everything people say on a dating site. Back in the early '60s a computer dating service decided these two people were compatible. That calculation was right. John and Carol Matlock will celebrate 52 years of marriage in December. Over 60s Dating - Join Free! Meet 60+ Singles Near You. Over60sDatingOnline.com is a leading UK dating and companionship site. We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and secure environment to meet other singles over 60 near you. Here you can find someone to laugh the day away with or cuddle on a cold winters morning. Over 60s Dating Sites. There are more and more dating sites for seniors. Even general dating sites like eharmony.com have sections for seniors. There are also interest-specific sites for just about everything you can imagine. ... Laurie Lavenhar May 18, 2019 at 9:19 pm - Reply. Is your course just for women? Melissa July 27, 2019 at 1:45 pm ... Over 60s Dating - Join Free! Meet 60+ Singles Near You. Over60sDatingOnline.com is a leading Australian dating and companionship site. We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and secure environment to meet other singles over 60 near you. Here you can find someone to laugh the day away with or cuddle on a cold winters morning. Dating over 60. Dating after 60 is not an easy experience at all. But it can be pleasant no matter what. Even though you might think that your romantic adventures had ended way before you became mature, if you decide to fulfill the desires you have, there are chances of making it work.

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2020.10.22 09:44 andi684 Does anyone have success stories of a separation?

Is separation ever a good idea?
We got married very young. I had just turned 18 and he was 21. I loved him and was very immature and sheltered and figured we could work anything out together. My family situation was very weird, they wouldn’t let me see him and took any means of communication I had from me, wouldn’t let me get a job, etc bc my religion wouldn’t allow dating outside of it. I didn’t really know anyone outside of the religion besides him and if I moved out without getting married my entire family and friends would’ve shunned me. Not a good reason to get married but, like I said I was very much in love and unaware of the real world and thought it’d all work itself out. I still think that’s true probably, he loves me and is committed to me, treats me well, tries to give me everything I need. I love him and don’t want to hurt him. I feel like I’m his world and he’s told me that if we ever parted ways he’d have nothing to live for or motivate him and would probably just be like bitter and angry with life. Which I guess I can understand as he’s been such a good husband and just wants to have a family with me and spend our lives together. I’m 24 now. I’ve always had some doubts, just that we might not be completely aligned in our values and what we want out of life. But when we got married I hadn’t even formulated the thought that I could do whatever I wanted with my life. My upbringing didn’t really allow me to think too clearly about the future or formulate my own thoughts and opinions. But he’s my best friend and very dear to my heart, I wouldn’t want to lose him forever. But I can’t help but just want to be alone sometimes. I’ve never been completely independent and able to make my own decisions 100%. He doesn’t restrict me per se, but I just feel guilty making mistakes or doing dumb things. But at the same time I’m a free spirit, I don’t want to engage in the typical lifestyle of being a soccer mom or going after a lucrative career or any of that shit. I want to travel and explore freely without feeling like I’m holding anyone back. Idk what I’m trying to say. Just that I feel trapped. I really want to take like a year apart so I can see what it’s like to grow independently of anyone. I also feel like the only time he and I get along is when we’re smoking weed. Which hasn’t been a real problem bc he smokes weed basically all of his free time and I’ve kind of just picked the habit up with him but lately I’ve stopped and it’s really opened my eyes to all the numbing I’ve been doing in the last 6 years. It’s just fucked bc we have a mortgage and two dogs and his mom lives with us and it just all seems to much for my age. Like I never really lived my youth ever. He tries so hard to be accommodating of all this and not put pressure on me any which way but I just want to be alone. I go through periods where I’m like madly in love and happy in our marriage and life but I’d say like 60% of the time I feel like I want some breathing room and to be in a different life situation. Anyway this is probably more a rant than anything but does anyone think, given the unique circumstances of our marriage, that taking 6 months or a year apart would be advantageous? He’d be hurt but I’d rather not just carry this around with me for years and always feel like something was missing. It’s just hard to think clearly when all I’ve ever known is this Or if I have this lingering claustrophobic feeling and like I want to be alone after all this time is that just like a sign I should stop being wishy washy? Sometimes I feel like I’m just here bc it would be too much of a mess and cause too much pain if I was honest with how I feel
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2020.10.22 09:00 andi684 Is separation ever a good idea?

We got married very young. I had just turned 18 and he was 21. I loved him and was very immature and sheltered and figured we could work anything out together. My family situation was very weird, they wouldn’t let me see him and took any means of communication I had from me, wouldn’t let me get a job, etc bc my religion wouldn’t allow dating outside of it. I didn’t really know anyone outside of the religion besides him and if I moved out without getting married my entire family and friends would’ve shunned me. Not a good reason to get married but, like I said I was very much in love and unaware of the real world and thought it’d all work itself out. I still think that’s true probably, he loves me and is committed to me, treats me well, tries to give me everything I need. I love him and don’t want to hurt him. I feel like I’m his world and he’s told me that if we ever parted ways he’d have nothing to live for or motivate him and would probably just be like bitter and angry with life. Which I guess I can understand as he’s been such a good husband and just wants to have a family with me and spend our lives together. I’m 24 now. I’ve always had some doubts, just that we might not be completely aligned in our values and what we want out of life. But when we got married I hadn’t even formulated the thought that I could do whatever I wanted with my life. My upbringing didn’t really allow me to think too clearly about the future or formulate my own thoughts and opinions. But he’s my best friend and very dear to my heart, I wouldn’t want to lose him forever. But I can’t help but just want to be alone sometimes. I’ve never been completely independent and able to make my own decisions 100%. He doesn’t restrict me per se, but I just feel guilty making mistakes or doing dumb things. But at the same time I’m a free spirit, I don’t want to engage in the typical lifestyle of being a soccer mom or going after a lucrative career or any of that shit. I want to travel and explore freely without feeling like I’m holding anyone back. Idk what I’m trying to say. Just that I feel trapped. I really want to take like a year apart so I can see what it’s like to grow independently of anyone. I also feel like the only time he and I get along is when we’re smoking weed. Which hasn’t been a real problem bc he smokes weed basically all of his free time and I’ve kind of just picked the habit up with him but lately I’ve stopped and it’s really opened my eyes to all the numbing I’ve been doing in the last 6 years. It’s just fucked bc we have a mortgage and two dogs and his mom lives with us and it just all seems to much for my age. Like I never really lived my youth ever. He tries so hard to be accommodating of all this and not put pressure on me any which way but I just want to be alone. I go through periods where I’m like madly in love and happy in our marriage and life but I’d say like 60% of the time I feel like I want some breathing room and to be in a different life situation. Anyway this is probably more a rant than anything but does anyone think, given the unique circumstances of our marriage, that taking 6 months or a year apart would be advantageous? He’d be hurt but I’d rather not just carry this around with me for years and always feel like something was missing. It’s just hard to think clearly when all I’ve ever known is this
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2020.10.21 17:30 Scruter Sepsis right after birth - but what caused it?

I gave birth to my lovely daughter almost a year ago and ended up in the ICU with sepsis within hours of delivery. We're in the US (Colorado). We still don’t actually know what happened and as we think about trying to have another baby not too long from now, I worry about it happening again and wish we knew what actually caused it. Just posting in case there happens to be a Dr. Gregory House hanging out here, I guess - ha.
I had a normal, healthy pregnancy. I was 33 when I got pregnant and 34 at delivery, I'm a white American, and don't have any health issues. I am 5’6” and was 114 lbs, gained 37 lbs in pregnancy and lost 27 of that within a week (and the rest quickly after). I noticed I started getting slightly elevated BP readings late in pregnancy (like 120s over 70s when it had been 100s over 60s before), but nothing over medical threshold.
I induced the day after my due date just because I wanted to. Before I actually went into labor, I had 2 borderline high BP readings (140/80), protein in my urine but at the lowest possible threshold to diagnose me with pre-eclampsia, which they did, while I was in the hospital for my induction. I also was running at a little over 99 F when admitted despite not feeling sick, which is an unusually high temp for me. Labored 18 hours, water broke on its own, got an epidural, pushed 3 hours, vaginal delivery 7 hours after water breaking. Felt exhausted but wonderful immediately after, but they had a hard time getting out my placenta. It took a full half hour and when we got it out, my midwife held it up incredulously and said it was the biggest placenta she’d ever seen and I could feed triplets with it. Then things went badly almost immediately. I started shivering uncontrollably, even after they piled me with warm blankets, and I was shaking/shivering so violently they couldn’t stitch me up. I spiked a fever to 103 F. My heart rate was 150 bpm. I went from having a nice post-birth glow to looking pale and like death. They drew blood and my lactic acid was 9 so they told me I was septic and rushed me to the ICU. They pumped me full of antibiotics and fluids and lactic acid was down to 2 in a few hours. I got a blood transfusion. I was there for the first day of my daughter’s life, but luckily she was as healthy as could be, 8 lbs 5 oz with a 9 on her Apgar and no sign of infection (they did constant blood draws of her, and at first they thought she had a slightly elevated white blood cell count but ended up fine and not treated with antibiotics). They did ultrasounds of my heart and uterus and everything looked okay. I was discharged to the mom & baby unit the next day.
My midwife, OB, and ICU doctor were basically at a loss. They decided to go with endometritis just because that’s the most common cause of postpartum sepsis, even though it didn’t make sense: I never had any pelvic/abdominal tenderness, pain, or swelling at all in the hours/days after birth, no odor, no pain when peeing, no placenta left behind, my uterus shrank back down quickly, vaginal delivery, my water broke on its own about 7 hours before birth, no meconium. And the baby who had been inside my uterus had no infection. My midwife expressed skepticism at the endometritis diagnosis.
What do you all think happened? Is it really possible it was endometritis even without any of the symptoms? Why would my fever, heart rate, etc. spike so immediately after birthing the placenta when I was feeling fine right before? Did the placenta being abnormally large have anything to do with it? Or the fact that I lost almost all of my pregnancy weight so quickly after birth? What about the low-grade fever I had upon admission? And was the pre-eclampsia diagnosis just a coincidence? I just get a little nervous about the fact that we don’t know what caused it, because that means it’s hard to do anything different to prevent it next time and I really don’t want it to happen again. Thanks for any thoughts!
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2020.10.21 17:09 Agent_DZ-015 Allegheny County Update 10/21 - 14,396 Total Cases (+119 Cases, +21 Hospitalizations, +10 Deaths)

This is the COVID-19 Daily Update from the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) for October 21, 2020.
In the last 24 hours, 119 new cases were reported to the Health Department. Of these, 91 are confirmed cases from 2,076 PCR tests. There are 28 probable cases. Of the probable cases, 24 are from positive antigen tests. New cases range in age from two (2) months to 97 years with a median age of 40 years. The dates of positive tests ranged from October 12 to October 20.
There were 10 new deaths reported which include information imported by the state from the Electronic Death Reporting System (EDRS). The dates of death range from October 7 to October 14. Two (2) people were in their 60s, one (1) was in their 70s, six (6) were in their 80s, and one (1) was in their 90s. Eight (8) of the deaths were associated with long-term care facilities.
For a current look at hospitalization data in Allegheny County (although not specific to Allegheny County residents), visit the state’s dashboard at https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Cases.aspx. Select the “Hospital Preparedness” tab from the bottom of the page and then choose Allegheny County from the dropdown.
The age groups of the newly-reported cases follow:
00-04 - 2
05-12 - 3
13-18 - 11
19-24 - 10
25-49 - 43
50-64 - 39
65+ - 11
The genders of the newly reported cases follow:
Female - 58
Male - 61
Since March 14, there have been 14,396 cases of COVID-19 in Allegheny County residents, 1,373 hospitalizations and 416 deaths.
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2020.10.21 09:40 AzariusFall The Clothes of 1960's Batman

I have a confession. I've always had a soft spot for Adam West's Batman television series. It's fun, upbeat, and surprisingly mature in humor. Not as in inappropriate, but the show is often overlooked as lacking self-awareness and being bad, but it's the ultimate satire. You really can't make up Batman correcting Robin's grammar before a fight, saying things like "be careful from whom you accept free lemonade", and claiming to be "inconspicuous" while dressed as... Batman. But enough gushing, I'm here to talk about the clothes of 60's Batman. I hope I can be informative and entertaining.
I'm going to add a few base rules. One is that I will not discuss costumes. This excludes the villains, the hero's main getup, and Police Chief O'Hara. Another is that I will only discuss the major characters in the show, so I will not include any one-off characters. With that being said, here are the clothes of Adam West's Batman.
Batman, A.K.A Bruce Wayne (Played by Adam West)
Millionare Playboy Bruce Wayne (who in fact is only vaguely and possibly implied to have slept with one woman once in the entire show, thus making him the worst playboy in history)'s clothes are very stylish, especially considering the standards of the 1960's (which was very plain and standardized). I can't compile every outfit he's ever worn, so here are some examples.
Bruce Wayne, Business Suit
This image is of Bruce in a pinstripe, three-piece navy suit with a silver tie. This kind of look is more unique for the 60's. It's more formal than most suits, and the silver tie is unusual due to most ties being dark colored at that point.
Blazer and Ascot
Bruce is a fan of ascots. He's often seen wearing them around Stately Wayne Manor (the stately bit is obligatory) and to informal events. The blazer has his family crest on it (probably), which is a classic style for old money men. During the summer, Bruce would replace the blazer or occasionally dressing gown with a beige cardigan, a piece that's strongly worth considering today.
Bruce's Dinner Suit
As you can see, Bruce's dinner suit isn't entirely classically styled. It has notch lapels, no pocket square, and seemingly no studs. The waistcoat, however, balances the formality of it. This is a perfect example of "mod" styling. Narrow, notch lapels and a slim cut. This dinner suit is seemingly his only dinner suit, as we see it multiple times, including in the movie, when we find out that Batman avoided the trap of wearing a pre-tied bow tie. Unfortunately, they missed out on the obvious fashion pun of having him wear a bat wing bow tie. Maybe next time.
Camp Goes Camping
This is indeed Bruce's idea of camping gear. A button down shirt and wool sweater that can only be described as "a thing". He wears a neckerchief which will be seen later.
Bruce Suit
This suit/sport coat (the trousers aren't visible here) is a common occurrence for Bruce. Mod sport coat with patterns (checked in this one) and subtle tie. The pink shirt was a bold choice for the strong gender roles of the 60's, however.
That should cover the basis for Bruce's fashion. But what about Dick?
Robin, A.K.A Dick Grayson (Played by Burt Ward)
Robin's dress is a bit less interesting, so I'll be brief. You may have noticed that in an above image, Bruce is wearing a dinner suit while Dick is wearing a lounge suit. This is because young men weren't, and in some circles still aren't, allowed to wear dinner suits until they're 15, and white tie until they're 18 (I'm not joking). This rule was obviously in place here, because we never see Dick in a dinner suit.
Standard Attire
This is Dick's standard attire. If you've ever wondered why your grandpa wears dress shirts with sweaters, this is why. This look was all the rage in the 60's. Believe it or not, we never see Dick in jeans or t shirts (if memory serves me right), which is probably due to his aristocratic associations. The good news is that because it's a T.V show Dick never seems to care about the stress that comes with being Millionare Playboy Bruce Wayne's Youthful Ward and heir.
Robin in a Suit
Here we see Dick in a suit. It's very standard and plain, but represents the long journey he has to take to develop a sense of style and elegance. Considering that he's at maximum 14, he seems to be doing well sartorially.
Dick in a Leather Jacket
Are you seeing this right? Yes, you are. In one episode, Dick goes undercover and tries to pose as a greaser, and while he gives himself away by choking on a cigarette, he succeeds sartorially. This outfit could still be worn today.
As we can see, Dick Grayson is a young man on the right path to having a good wardrobe.
Alfred the Butler (Played by Alan Napier)
Being old, English, and a butler, Alfred's attire is very traditional. There are several interesting pieces I want to touch on here.
This is what you will see Alfred wear all the time. A white dress shirt, black necktie, black suit, and black oxfords. This is pretty standard butler gear.
Tails Improper
Here we see that the real playboy at Stately Wayne Manor is Alfred with beauty pageant queens. This tailcoat set is wrong in the details. It has a black bow tie and waistcoat. This, in all actuality, is correct, because these details tell party members that Alfred is a staff member and not a guest, and this tradition has existed for centuries, dating back to at least the Victorian era.
Tails Proper
Here we see Alfred in proper white tie. This was after he attended a concert by Liberace (playing Chandell the pianist and Harry, his evil twin brother, which might be the best episode). This implies that he attended the performance as a friend or equal to Mrs. Cooper. Alfred's tailcoat is stunning, proper, and very British in tailoring (notice the shoulders).
Alfred BLS
Here we see Alfred in, of all things, a black lounge suit being trapped by the most cunning ploy: an umbrella (the stripes and waistcoat are there). The bowler hat is delightfully traditional for this time period, to the point that this outfit could be called "retro" in the 60's. The questions of why Alfred is wearing a BLS to shop for caviar, why he chose a bowler hat of all things, and why he later refers to it as a "morning coat" are never answered.
Commissioner Gordon (Played by Neil Hamilton)
Comissioner Gordon has one job, and that's to call Batman. But he sure isn't going to do it in shorts. These are a few outfits that represent Gordon's style.
Gordon Suit
This is the average suit for Gordon. Grey or navy with a plain tie and shirt. It's the living embodiment of the 60's suit. He'll ocasionally accesorize with a trilby hat, which was dying in that time.
Gordon Dinner Suit
In this instance, Gordon beats Bruce in style. Shawl lapels, shirt studs, and classic bow tie, this dinner suit is timeless, even if it does have some mod influences.
In conclusion, 1960's Batman has some classic style in it, even if it's campy and silly. I always found these touches to be interesting, and hope you enjoyed it as well.
Edit 1: Spelling; "nacy" to "navy".
Edit 2: Spelling; "allways" to "always".
Edit 3: Grammar; "for" in between "suit" and "Gordon". Revision; Clarified details of Bruce's suit/sport coat.
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2020.10.21 03:31 subduedbubble Feeling Jealous of my Boyfriend's Best Friend

I, female (18), am a sophomore in college and my boyfriend (19) is in the same grade. We have been dating for almost a year, and I visited him cross-country this summer. Our university is very small, only around 2,000 students, and the gender ratio is skewed so that there are about 60% girls to 40% boys. This means that my boyfriend has a lot of girl pals, which is generally not a problem for me given the circumstances. However, my boyfriend’s best friend is a girl, and they spend almost all their time together. They were friends before the two of us started seeing each other He has a car, where many students on campus do not, so he often drives her around just the two of them for various things: to get groceries, pick up school/pet supplies, etc. I’ve tried my hardest to accept that they are just very close friends, but it has been really hard for me, especially when I find him spending more time with her than me. He’s very open and honest with me about everything they do together, which should put me at ease, but instead I just find myself overthinking and sometimes even checking his location to see if he’s with her. Most recently, we were hanging out and he was helping me crack my back. At one point he mentioned that he had helped her do the same thing earlier that day. We were in a relatively intimate position, him crouching over my butt with his hands on the small of my back. I tried to tell myself that it could be as simple as a friend helping another friend, but I can’t shake the feeling that that is just a little too close for friends to be. Additionally, I found out through a post of hers that they got lunch together, just the two of them, at a restaurant that he previously took me to on a date. I don’t know what to do to stop being jealous, every time I confront him about it I feel like I sound overprotective and illogical.
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2020.10.20 22:37 subduedbubble Feeling Jealous of my Boyfriend's Best Friend

I, female (18), am a sophomore in college and my boyfriend (19) is in the same grade. We have been dating for almost a year, and I visited him cross-country this summer. Our university is very small, only a couple thousand students, and the gender ratio is skewed so that there are about 60% girls to 40% boys. This means that my boyfriend has a lot of girl pals, which is generally not a problem for me given the circumstances. However, my boyfriend’s best friend is a girl, and they spend almost all their time together. They were friends before the two of us started seeing each other He has a car, where many students on campus do not, so he often drives her around just the two of them for various things: to get groceries, pick up school/pet supplies, etc. I’ve tried my hardest to accept that they are just very close friends, but it has been really hard for me, especially when I find him spending more time with her than me. He’s very open and honest with me about everything they do together, which should put me at ease, but instead I just find myself overthinking and sometimes even checking his location to see if he’s with her. Most recently, we were hanging out and he was helping me crack my back. At one point he mentioned that he had helped her do the same thing earlier that day. We were in a relatively intimate position, him crouching over my butt with his hands on the small of my back. I tried to tell myself that it could be as simple as a friend helping another friend, but I can’t shake the feeling that that is just a little too close for friends to be. Additionally, I found out through a post of hers that they got lunch together, just the two of them, at a restaurant that he previously took me to on a date. There are a number of other examples of situations like this that have happened in the past. I don’t know what to do to stop being jealous. I want to be honest with him but every time I confront him about it I feel like I sound overprotective and illogical. If I am overreacting, how do I stop feeling this way? And if not, how should I talk to him about it?
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2020.10.19 01:03 Listige r/Listige playlist statistics, from last week 12/10 - 18/10

Congrats u/HoundOfJustice! Your post below is the most up voted post, among 434 other posts, added to an Listige playlist, where the track release date is from last week:
The track 'Burden Of Proof' by 'Benny The Butcher', were released to Spotify on 2020-10-16.
Detailed playlist statistics gathered from last week:
Playlist name New Spotify followers Spotify tracks added YouTube videos added
IndieHeads Top weekly posts 26 19 8
Metalcore Top weekly posts 21 42 42
Techno Top weekly posts 19 14 14
PopPunkers Top weekly posts 18 40 34
Emo Top weekly posts 17 27 26
Goth Top weekly posts 10 17 17
ShoeGaze Top weekly posts 10 16 16
PostHardcore Top weekly posts 9 27 25
MelodicDeathMetal Top weekly posts 8 20 20
HipHopHeads Top weekly posts 7 29 19
ListenToThis Top weekly posts 5 32 32
DeathCore Top weekly posts 4 24 22
PostPunk Top weekly posts 4 21 21
StonerRock Top weekly posts 4 17 14
IDM Top weekly posts 4 14 12
SymphonicMetal Top weekly posts 4 9 9
Djent Top weekly posts 4 7 7
Psybient Top weekly posts 4 6 5
DoomMetal Top weekly posts 4 3 3
ProgRockMusic Top weekly posts 3 25 25
HardCore Top weekly posts 3 15 13
PostRock Top weekly posts 3 13 7
AlternativeRock Top weekly posts 3 9 8
MathRock Top weekly posts 3 8 8
DreamPop Top weekly posts 3 5 3
EBM Top weekly posts 3 2 1
HipHopHeads Daily hot posts 2 167 133
ListenToThis Daily hot posts 2 128 120
IndieHeads Daily hot posts 2 128 52
Metal Top weekly posts 2 42 38
BlackMetal Top weekly posts 2 20 18
Indie Top weekly posts 2 18 15
PsychedelicRock Top weekly posts 2 16 16
DeathMetal Top weekly posts 2 16 15
HardStyle Top weekly posts 2 13 5
ElectroHouse Top weekly posts 2 12 6
TechnicalDeathMetal Top weekly posts 2 10 9
AmbientMusic Top weekly posts 2 9 8
Frisson Top weekly posts 2 7 7
NuDisco Top weekly posts 2 5 5
FutureSynth Top weekly posts 2 4 3
PostMetal Top weekly posts 2 3 2
OccultRock Top weekly posts 2 0 0
Music Daily hot posts 1 190 187
PowerMetal Top weekly posts 1 24 24
Rock Top weekly posts 1 23 21
TreeMusic Top weekly posts 1 23 19
70sMusic Top weekly posts 1 22 22
60sMusic Top weekly posts 1 20 20
Trance Top weekly posts 1 19 18
EDM Top weekly posts 1 19 3
UkHipHopHeads Top weekly posts 1 16 15
PsyTrance Top weekly posts 1 13 13
Jazz Top weekly posts 1 13 12
GuiltyPleasureMusic Top weekly posts 1 9 9
Blues Top weekly posts 1 9 9
Funk Top weekly posts 1 8 8
TripHop Top weekly posts 1 7 6
JapaneseMusic Top weekly posts 1 6 6
IndustrialMusic Top weekly posts 1 6 5
ClassicalMusic Top weekly posts 1 5 5
NewWave Top weekly posts 1 5 5
EmoScreamo Top weekly posts 1 5 3
MelodicHardcore Top weekly posts 1 4 4
IndieFolk Top weekly posts 1 4 4
LoFi Top weekly posts 1 4 3
AltCountry Top weekly posts 1 3 3
DIYemo Top weekly posts 1 3 1
StonerMetal Top weekly posts 1 2 2
SmoothJazz Top weekly posts 1 1 1
InsaneCore Top weekly posts 1 1 0
ChillMusic Top weekly posts 1 0 0
PopHeads Daily hot posts 0 105 54
ClassicRock Top weekly posts 0 30 30
90sAlternative Top weekly posts 0 28 28
ProgMetal Top weekly posts 0 27 27
TheTikiHut Top weekly posts 0 27 27
2000sMusic Top weekly posts 0 26 26
Punk Top weekly posts 0 26 26
80sMusic Top weekly posts 0 25 25
HipHop Top weekly posts 0 21 18
PopHeads Top weekly posts 0 21 4
Ska Top weekly posts 0 20 20
ElectronicMusic Top weekly posts 0 18 15
2010sMusic Top weekly posts 0 17 17
Country Top weekly posts 0 17 16
DnB Top weekly posts 0 16 15
PopPunkers Top weekly posts with flair "New" 0 16 11
Kpop Top weekly posts 0 14 14
Kpop Daily hot posts 0 14 12
OutRun Top weekly posts 0 14 10
DubStep Top weekly posts 0 14 7
SoundTracks Top weekly posts 0 13 13
Metalcore Top weekly posts with flair "New" 0 13 13
Trap Top weekly posts 0 11 0
FrenchRap Top weekly posts 0 9 9
Disco Top weekly posts 0 9 9
Jpop Top weekly posts 0 9 9
AdultContemporary Top weekly posts 0 9 9
WoahTunes Top weekly posts 0 7 7
RnBHeads Top weekly posts 0 6 4
HardRock Top weekly posts 0 5 5
ListenToUs Top weekly posts 0 5 4
NoiseRock Top weekly posts 0 5 4
MusicaNova Top weekly posts 0 4 4
Jungle Top weekly posts 0 4 4
Rap Top weekly posts 0 4 3
Electro Top weekly posts 0 3 3
RunningMusic Top weekly posts 0 3 2
VaporWave Top weekly posts 0 3 2
PostHardcore Top weekly posts with flair "New" 0 2 2
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2020.10.18 23:09 goodnewsjimdotcom Starfighter General dev log- Ok devving became serious.

It took me four months to assemble my new Unity computer. Apparently the computer I thought was new and I bought in Spring was actually 7 years dated. It had no performance issues anywhere but Unity, and it was significant. 7 second waits after every change in unity or code. 50 second waits if it wanted to. 3 minute waits also. This gave subterfuge for me to not know when the infinite wait hits when your code is attached to unity for debug mode...
Anyway, new computer became self aware today. My battlestation is fully Operational. And I don't see any lag in Unity.
Yesterday I was able to crush out some major bugs in my base raiding Xwing vs TieFighter style game meets Clash of Clans style game.
I randomized base placement so raiding bases is not the same base layout if they didn't move their stations... :)
Over the next week, I plan on adding a bunch of buildings, and some uncommon random encounters where "aliens" come an interfere with your base raiding, like the ship from Space Invaders, Asteroids,Centipede,,missle command aliens,Pacman ghost,Phoenix destructable ship,Defender aliens,Scramble ,omehow?,Vanguard,Joust birds,Time Pilot,Tron Mechs,Zaxxon ,evel,Gyrus 3 ball thingy,Sinistar guy lol,Starwars trench run,Pong,Life force, etc parody tributes. This will help stave off boring repetition the current system has.
Also I am adding a bunch of buildings:
1) Asteroids 2) Pulse Orb defense, orb and if close, light beam flashes out to damage stuff nearby. 3) Wall 4) New turrets->Flack cannon. Laser beam directed angle, flare when hit, Plasma ball, missle 5) Shield battery 6) Electric field walls, electric between, closer, the more damage 7) Speed accelerator (speeds craft) 8) Dampening field (slows craft) 9) Mecha platform (Make mechs, station em here to fire at stuff close by)->transform mechs too to pursue 10) A reactor that explodes huuuge, taking out stuff near it, aka exploding barrels, maybe nuclear reactor and Triderium reactor 11) Van de Graaff: Tractor beam (if comes close, pulls you towards it, slowing your velocity some, maybe even sticking you against the building) 12) Capital Ship assembly building 13) Trophy Achievement buildings like a argopolis, Crystal, Trophy for #1 player which leaves when not #1. 14) Waste Dump-Exploding barrels 15) Mirror walls, reflect lasers off of 16) Giant Turbine ( has like x, get hit in the x paddles) 17) Moving Wall 18) Crusher (two walls that close in if you're inside) 19) Trench like Death star. 20) Spikey Base that hurts when drove into.
So I hope to get most of this done in a week.
Maybe I can figure out Steamworks virtual goods. Any of you guys know how? I'll send you revshare money for the rest of Starfighter General's life.
Re-enable leaderboard buttons.
And in about 3 months I plan on upgrading this to a MMO. I already have this elite code no one knows about that allows for infinite players in the same zone, but I'm slowed because I need to learn DOTS/Burst.
I have some old videos of game dev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz6fsuVuyvg&t=60s
You guys deserve new ones.
Anyone want to jump on board to dev/idea/music/art/mapmaking, we rev share it: http://www.crystalfighter.com/hofficialContract.html
Anyone want a free Steam Key(game is playable now)
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2020.10.18 05:46 BallsDippedInSyrup Stop pairing actors and actresses with people that are 13 plus years older than them, you absolute disgusting fucks.

Whether it's in a tv show, porn, or movies, even if the age difference is part of the plot (Heh. Plot in porn), stop fucking doing this. There was a movie trailer of what looked like a 20 year old woman (actress could be 30 maybe), and what looked like a 40-50 maybe even 60 year old man, the trailer had a clip of them making out. Fucking gross (if it was 30 to 40, I'd understand but if she was 27 and he was 50, gross). I dont care what your opinion is; seeing or dating or fucking somebody 13 or 15 years older than you is fucking gross. I've seen porn clips of 50 year old men ass fucking 18 year olds. I ask you, WHY? But that's porn, porn is despicable anyway. But some movies have the actors are pushing 60 and having intimate scenes with 20 year olds. It's the main reason why Roger Moore quit being James Bond. He was a 58 year old man, having romantic encounters with 20 year old women. So yeah, if you're getting paid to make out with someone that's 20 years on you, I'm not sure you should take that money.
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2020.10.18 04:36 Hydreigon_Lord TAR 32: Stats After Leg 1

TAR 32 has premiered at last, which means it's time for me to do leg-by-leg stat tracking!
Basic Results
Team Relationship Leg 11 Roadblocks
(M/F) Hung & Chee Married Parents 1st 0-1
(F/F) Michelle & Victoria Sisters 2nd 1-0
(M/M) Riley & Maddison Pro Volleyball Players 3rd 0-1
(M/M) Will & James Dating 4th 1-0
(M/M) Jerry & Frank Father and Son 5th 0-1
(M/F) Leo & Alana Dating 6th 1-0
(M/F) Eswar & Aparna Siblings 7th 1-0
(F/F) Kaylynn & Haley Sisters 8th 1-0
(F/F) Kellie & LaVonne Former Olympic Hurdlers 9th 1-0
(M/M) DeAngelo & Gary Former NFL Stars 10th 0-1
(M/M) Nathan & Cody Best Friends 11th 0-1
1There was no rest period this leg. Teams were given their next clue at the Pit Stop and told to continue racing. However, the last team to arrive was still eliminated.
Group Average Leg Ranks
The number in parentheses indicates how many teams in the group competed in that leg.
Group Leg 1
All-Male Teams 6.60 (5)
Co-Ed Teams 4.67 (3)
All-Female Teams 6.33 (3)
Individual Statistics
Within the parentheses, (5th, 50th, 500th) means the team ranks 5th in that statistic in the season, 50th in that statistic in TAR U.S., and 500th in that statistic in the world. Rankings are only listed for teams that have been eliminated.
Team Finish Legs Won Racing Average Possible RA Range APAM Albert Dominance Leaderboard Rank
Hung & Chee 1 1.00 1.00 - 8.20 +83.33 100.00%
Michelle & Victoria 0 2.00 1.08 - 8.40 +66.67 90.00%
Riley & Maddison 0 3.00 1.17 - 8.60 +50.00 80.00%
Will & James 0 4.00 1.25 - 8.80 +33.33 70.00%
Jerry & Frank 0 5.00 1.33 - 9.00 +16.67 60.00%
Leo & Alana 0 6.00 1.42 - 9.20 0.00 50.00%
Eswar & Aparna 0 7.00 1.50 - 9.40 -16.67 40.00%
Kaylynn & Haley 0 8.00 1.58 - 9.60 -33.33 30.00%
Kellie & LaVonne 0 9.00 1.67 - 9.80 -50.00 20.00%
DeAngelo & Gary 0 10.00 1.75 - 10.00 -66.67 10.00%
Nathan & Cody 11th 0 11.00 (11th, 327th, 823rd) -83.33 (11th, 328th, 830th) 0.00% (11th, 355th, 876th) (11th, 351st, 867th)
(The Leaderboard ranks all teams first by their APAM, then by their finishing rank in their season, then by their number of legs won. If there is a tie in all three areas, whichever team competed in the earlier season wins the tie.)
Group Statistics
Group Average Finish Total Legs Won Average Legs Won Average Racing Average Average APAM Average Albert Dominance
All-Male Teams 4.20-9.00 0 (0%) 0.00 6.60 -10.00 44.00%
Co-Ed Teams 2.00-9.00 1 (100%) 0.33 4.67 22.22 63.33%
All-Female Teams 2.00-9.00 0 (0%) 0.00 6.33 -5.56 46.67%
Simulations of Next Leg
I performed 1,000,000 simulations of the next leg, and here is each team's chance of winning and placing last on the next leg.
Team Win % Last Place %
Hung & Chee 26.18% 4.60%
Michelle & Victoria 19.23% 4.46%
Riley & Maddison 13.79% 4.55%
Will & James 9.70% 4.87%
Jerry & Frank 7.05% 5.61%
Leo & Alana 5.61% 7.10%
Eswar & Aparna 4.83% 9.62%
Kaylynn & Haley 4.54% 13.77%
Kellie & LaVonne 4.47% 19.23%
DeAngelo & Gary 4.61% 26.18%
All-Male Team Total 35.15% 41.21%
Co-Ed Team Total 36.62% 21.32%
All-Female Team Total 28.24% 37.46%
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2020.10.18 03:49 Yeahhhhhwhatever My story :)

Hello everyone.
Sorry for my spelling mistakes, i read 1/3 for faults but im too tired to read it all again. Here we go

Look. My ex never was diagnosed so i can't tell for sure if he was a narc but there were a LOT of signs i gotta say. I need to tell my story cause i have so much anger in me these last couple of days, lots of nightmares again and i saw some hurtful things online today. This is gonna be a story from beginning to end of our relationship. I know i havent been all good too, so im gonna include my shitty parts as well. Im planning on seeking professional help to deal with this further. Im almost a year single now but i feel this relationship wil haunt me for a long time coming.

So my ex and i, A. have dated for over 2 years. We knew each other very vaguely from school years prior but never were friends. We used to text when i was 15ish years old for a couple of weeks(?) max. We were facebook friends for years but that was about it. All of the sudden i got a message from him saying 'hey, long time ago' and we started talking. He did was in a relationship at that time OFCOURSE, and i knew. The thing was he didnt talk about her and when he said we should hang out once (everything was only platonic at that point) he said his girlfriend was crazy jealous so she wouldnt let him even if he wanted to. Naive me was like COME ON its just as friends, whats the big deal?
We kept texting and he opened up more about his relationship and how it hasnt been going well for quite some time now. I felt bad for him cause he really made her out to be some evil bitch. I was starting to catch feelings for him at this point. I remember this clearly cause i was on a vacation w my family and later he said he had to hide his phone bill from her cause he texted w me ALOT those days.
When i got back a few days later we met. I still had no intention of doing anything knowing damn well he was in a relationship, but again he made it out to be his relationship was so close to being over. From the moment he arrived and opened his car door i was smitten by this man. He had crazy charisma and me, for being a shy girl was super comfterable around him (even tho i was very barred out i almost couldnt walk LOL, im dealing w pretty heavy social anxiety and didnt wanna shut down completely and went a lil overboard). We drank and flirted and had a great time. Then he got a text msg from his girlfriend asking when he was gonna come home, with an i love you and THREE HEARTS. i saw this and he texted back 'ill be right there, love you too *3 hearts*. Oh boy i was ANGRY cause i realised their relationship wasnt 'almost over' and slammed the door behind him, never planning to talk to him again.
Ofcourse since at that time i was pretty head over heels with this boy so soon enough we started texting again. We texted A LOT about all kinds of stuff. All of the sudden he said he had a question. He asked me if i liked him, he just 'needed' to know. Said i should send a smiley if i did. I admitted but made clear he had a girlfriend and that was that.
Stupid me decided to say yes when he asked me to meet up again. We did and soon enough we were making making out and getting damn horny but me stopping him saying you have A GIRLFRIEND IM NOT DOING THIS. That night we fell asleep under the stars with him holding me and asking if i would wait for him while he broke up w his girlfriend and let her search for another place. I said i would but things started to feel 'weird' from that point on. Look guys i know everything that happened upon this point is wrong. I know that. I should have stayed away from him knowing he had a girlfriend but i just couldnt. It was like he had casted a magic spell on me that only ended the day we broke up. I feel like i wasnt able to think straight for those 2 years and im not even kidding. Now looking back i just don't understand and i'm dealing w a lot of guilt cause i must have caused that girl a lot of pain. Thats not something im proud of and also not something im planning on ever ever EVER doing again. Lesson learned big time and i guess A. was my karma tbh.
Well the next day or 2 days later i cant even remember anymore he called me and said he told her what happened, that he cheated and he doesnt love her anymore, he cant do it anymore. He asked me if he could come over and i said yes, feeling very anxious and confused at that time cause we had been seeing each other for 2 weeks or smthng. From that day on we were dating but THAT NIGHT he showed his first.... i mean.... one of the first red flags AND I FEEL SO STUPID NOT WALKING AWAY RIGHT THEN AND THERE.
Another red flag that happened i guesss that same night: He started crying and said he had to tell me something. He was psychically abused by his parents when he was young. When he was 12 they sent him to an institution till he was 18 cry cry cry. He told me HE HAD NEVER SHARED THAT WITH ANYONE. I was the first he ever told this to. Looking back i just dont understand how i couldnt see how he was manipulating me so so so hard with his pity stories.
So, small recap: he was still together w his ex while meeting up w me, he broke up and THAT EVENING he asked me when i had sex for the last time. I told him it was about 6 months ago with my ex and this dude started crying. Not just crying but angry crying clearly holding in RAGE. I was so upset with this cause the fuck it has been so long??? Instead of kicking him out i comforted him. Stupid i know. Once again i wasnt able to think clearly. That was also the night we had sex and he told me he loved me right after. Once again WE HAD ONLY BEEN SEEING EACH OTHER FOR ABOUT 2 WEEKS without anything happening but kissing. I didnt see that coming and i sure as hell was a pushover back then so i said it back to him, with a lot of hesitation. I mean i liked him a lot and i felt crazy butterflies but lets be real we didnt knew each other back then.
A couple of days later all of the sudden he said hey check facebook! He updated his status to in a relationship w me. I was like EEEEEK somewhat too soon but this dude had me in his grips. I never felt such a connection so soon w someone and i really somehow thought this was true love. Oh yeah he dumped his ex on HER BIRTHDAY and wanted to put that date on facebook. I said NO thats not our date+its hella unrespectful to his ex? Still i was like oh i love this guy so muuuuuuch.
He always said the only thing thats gonna be difficult to deal with is paying all his bills and apartment alone but it'll work. I also was clear i didnt want to move in w him till we were about 2 years dating (mainly me coming from a broken home and i was young, still lived at home and was studying so i didnt make any money.)
Another red flag i realised very soon is, i dont have a lot of friends, at all. 1 very good friend at that time. I spend all my days with him but from the moment i was with my best friend he got angry. All i got were texts like 'oh great to know youre having fun while im here struggling and im so scared and constantly thinking about the abuse i suffered'. He always made me feel so bad i went bak to him after a couple of hours. I brought it up with him multiple times how i think its weird hes always smiles and happy and fine when i leave till the moment i arrived at my friends house. Every. Damn. Time.
It happened again and i got mad at him telling he's making me feel guilty, with him going in a rage saying i dont understand and how his dad used to lock him up in the basement etc. So yeah you guessed it, i went back to comfort him every time. And to avoid conflict i began staying home more and more with him.
That was the time he also got upset a few times about me having to go to school another year, saying how its weird for him to work and me being in school and sometimes he feels like were at 2 different stages in our lives and he really wants me to move in with him. I already was struggling heavily at school with anxiety and i didnt fit in and had no friends, so i just decided to quit and find a job. That was also the point he began talking shit about my best friend.
I remember him saying 'well shes never gonna get somewhere in her life, shes gonna study now but why? only to be able to get a job and earn money in 3 years. Look at her sister, shes 3 years younger, lives alone, works AND has a baby.' I WAS PISSED. And guess what? I should stop with overreacting to every single thing. Im so fucking sensitive and cant handle any negative things said ever. The thing is i AM a very sensitive person who can get easily hurt by things people say so even tho I KNEW WHAT HE SAID WAS WRONG, in one way or the other i alllllways ended up apologising for getting angry at him, telling him i need to work on myself.
Oh another thing i remember: The first month we were dating we went to a concert, me, him, my best friend and a friend of his. We were chilling outside and he was sitting next to me. I saw a facebook message with a heart emoji and he quickly swiped it away. I saw this with my own fucking eyes. I remember going away to talk w my best friend and crying and being so pissed off but we were a 6 hour drive away from home in another country late at night. He realised something was up so we went somewhere alone to talk. I told him what i saw and he denied denied denied. Showed me everything on his messenger and even started crying saying he would never do such a thing and hes so crazy in love with me. I dont know how he did it but i believed him. He made me believe i couldnt trust my own eyes. I feel really stupid typing this all out...
Anyway. This all happened the first 6 months and even tho this is gonna sound crazy, those first 6 months were amazing. I had never felt so loved before in my life and our sex was out of this world.

One day everything changed. And it was right at the 6 month mark. I remember him coming home from work and it used to be with a smile, us hugging and kissing. But that all changed. He got home in such an anger. He slammed the doors and said i should leave him alone. He got in a rage about work and i legit felt scared every time he had this 'angry vibe' around him. It was because his eyes. They were emotionless. Filled with hate and disgust. I hate confrontation and i completely shut down or go into full rage mode myself if i cant take it anymore. But since this was the first time i shot down. There was no way of talking with him till he cooled down himself and i could not get in his space or it would only escalate. He would often go on walks to cool himself down and a lot of times i went to the roof and cried and wondered why he was acting the way he was acting all of the sudden. That was the time i started thinking he may be up to no good, and i started wondering if he was a narc. I did hear from friends of his ex 'he was manipulative' but i honeslty thought it was his ex who couldnt handle being dumped by him in the beginning.
Oh yeah A. also told me he referred to his ex as 'the bitch' to all his friends when they were still together. YEAH I ALSO DONT UNDERSTAND WHY I DIDNT LEAVE HIM AT THIS POINT. I really dont.
This went on for quite a while, him coming home slamming the doors, punching the walls and me not being able to talk to him, him wanting to go for a walk etc. I tried to be patient for such a long time. I really did. But like i said before when i was younger i really struggled alot with my emotions. I also can go from 0 to extreeeemely pissed off but kinda learned how to manage over the years. Our relationship started to show some cracks tho and when he got angry i stopped holding back. I got angry, on his level and fast. There were times i wanted to talk but he wanted to leave. I always let him leave but once i got up in his space when he really pushed my buttons. Well maybe he didnt push them but the whole 'im angry cause i had a shit day at work'attitude pushed my bottons, maybe it was about a whole different thing, i honestly cant remember but i got all up in his space and he said 'leave. Get back. Dont come any closer' in a real aggressive way. I got closer and asked him what the fuck he was gonna do. Yeah i know i shoudnt have done that but i felt so powerless cause i just WANTED TO TALK without him leaving me behind feeling worthless every goddamn time. Looking back i do think if i didnt walk away right after maybe things would have gotten physical. He also told me i shouldnt have done that or things could have ended very bad.
Him coming home in a rage kept happening and every time after he got so angry, he apologised and cried like a little baby and said he doesnt understand why i still love him, i deserve better. The thing is i did love him. Very much. but every time he said those words i did knew i really did deserved better. I was sick of this constant anger and extreme emotions, but every time we made up he made me feel so special again. We would hug all day long and watch movies together, went out to eat, you name it.
I also got to the point where i started to get frustrated again at smaller things, what didnt help our situation at all, cause he was not even half as understanding as i was with my mood swings. We got in a lot of fights about me getting angry over small stupid things and i do agree that IS something i need to work on cause its something i heard from multiple people. (My therapist once said im hypersensitive but sometimes i think i may have borderline. I feel all kinds of emotions in one day, heck even one hour and the closer i am with people the more upset i get over the smallest things. If im alone or with my so i can have extreme bursts of anger during arguments if i feel hopeless or stuck, unable to express myself even i can have a lot of trouble hiding. I dont slam walls but moslty myself or resort to heavy drinking or whatever, you name it. I know im draining I KNOW.). Its just he could be so inconsiderate. It was okay to me but to other people he could be really really rude. Example: when an old lady crossed the street without looking so she almost bumped into us he said loudly ARE YOU BLIND STUPID WOMAN FOR FUCKS SAKE PIECE OF SHIT. Yep. That happened quite a lot. I got upset with him soooo much over this and the only response i ever got was 'but im not rude to you right so whats the problem?'. This just reinforced my anger towards him alot of times cause i just couldnt see how a person could be so cruel to others.
Now we got closer to a year dating. This is where it all went to shit. Badly. I got my first tattoo and he asked for a day off to bring me, it was a 3 hour drive or something like that. But i promised my best friend years before she had to be with my first tattoo. She was very upset for me not inviting her, especially since our friendship wasnt the same as before as i barely hung out w her anymore knowing my boyfriend is gonna guilt trip me anyways. I didnt really care if she went along or not, not cause i didnt want her there but my social anxiety just went through the roof just thinking about laying there getting tattooed by a person i dont know with 2 people talking to me and me having to behave like im not some sort of awkward anxiety robot. I said she could come. To my boyfriend i said i didnt really care. The day itself rolls up and we start driving. All of the sudden my friend sees the tattoo artist doesnt like more than 1 extra person in the shop sooooo A. got angry. But like REALLY angry. I get it cause they probably were gonna have to take turns being there. Well we arrive at the shop and the lady is sooooo sweet. She said it was no problem, esp after such a long drive, and led them to a couple of sofas and magazines. A. said he was gonna smoke and he didnt come back. I texted him where he was and i got an angry text back saying he was NOT coming back inside and that it was not done what we were doing. I sighed but tried to focus on getting tatted wich was no fun considering it took 4 hours and the worst pain in my life, while getting angry texts from A. and my best friend looking sad/angry at me cause she also felt really shitty about the whole situation. In my break i went outside to talk to him, only with him getting super angry at me so i walked away from him and went back inside. On our way back he drove dangerously over the speed limit and everything i said he snapped back at me, being loud and overall angry making it the most awkward 3 hour drive ive ever been in. Later he said he was upset cause my friend was inside while he was constantly waiting outside, WHILE I ASKED MULTIPLE TIMES to just come.

Once we got back home he said my friend is NEVER stepping a foot in his house ever. He never wants to see her again and hates her ???. I told him i was mostly at fault cause i should have seen the tattoo artist didnt want 2 people coming along but no. No matter how much i said this, my friend was at fault. He was getting really disrespectful about her and i asked what was gonna happen if i ever moved in with him. He said then she could come back over but right now she was not allowed to. (i spent a LOT of time over at his place at that time). Oh the tears i cried at those times, feeling guilty for fucking up his day but also the resentment for how he treated my friend.
He struggled more and more to pay his bills so kept pressuring me to move in with him. I said i wasnt ready and wanted to save some money before making such a big jump. Over time he got angry with that and i do somewhat get it, i did spent a lot of time there. I think 2 months after getting my first job max i moved in with him. He earned a LOT more than me (around 1000 dollars which is a lot where we live. Okay he does work a lot of hours also.) so we made an agreement i payed a little bit less every month than him. He always talked alot how with his ex they split 50 50 but he could buy so many expensive things, watches, supreme clothing, you name it. I was exited to make my own money and have my own place. Soon enough i realised even when each paying 50 50 he never had money left and struggled to make ends meet. Looking back i know OR she payed way more every month than him or she gave him a lot of expensive gifts. I do know he gave her a lot of expensive bags etc but only 'cause she always asked for them', and i never got such things cause im not really materialistic and thats true but sometimes i do wish i just got SOMETHING. A lot of times he got home, angrily, again, telling me how sick he is of working non stop and still not being able to make ends meet. I get that i really do. But he never wanted my help.
I did end up helping him out. A 300 dollar bill, a 400 dollar bill. Both i payed with him saying he would pay me back when he got the money. Every month he bought games, clothes etc. while saying he felt guilty for not paying me back. I told him no problem take your time, in the hopes he would calm down and stop being so goddamn angry about money all the time. Also lend him money for clothes (150) and a gaming chair and table (300). He was PISSED OFFFF cause i bought a keyboard for 99 dollars and he couldnt buy a 300 dollar gaming chair and table and how he never has anything and only has to work work work. So thats why i ended up paying for those stuff which he said he was gonna pay me back forrrrr i guess about 8-9 months. Maybe longer? chair and table were in the last 2 months. Still thats over 1000 dollars he had to give me.
Anyway i got another job where i made way more money. I think he made 500 dollars more but he also worked 60+ hours a week while i made so much money working just 36. I think he really started to resent me for this. Every week before i had to go to work i went shopping and showed off all my cool stuff. Mind you im a cheapskate so i dont buy 50 dollar tshirts or 80 dollar pants.
(just reminded this, at my previous job he always picked me up, and on the second night i was sitting outside waiting for him talking to a collegue of mine. A very 'normal looking guy' while me and my boyfriend are more on the 'alternative' side. My boyfriend arrived so i got in and started talking about my day. This dude started SHOUTING at me yelling "DO YOU THINK THATS NORMAL YOURE SITTING THERE TALKING TO A GUY, YOU GET IN THE CAR AND ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED?". I was like ehm yea thats just a collegua whats the big deal? We had a big fight about that and shy awkward girl as me since then has not been able to open up to anyone i worked with for fear of him getting angry again over it.
Were getting to the end of our relationship. We werent as close anymore. He didnt seem interested in me. Our sexlife went from amazing to basically non existant. We kept having arguments over stupid things which i take a lot of blame for. I also started to get fed up with his behaviour and im sure he didnt love me anymore-if he ever did which i doubt- at this point.
I remember always being enthousiast when he talked about his games, he could go on and on and on about them. I couldnt care less about the games but knowing he loved them made me wanna listen to him and act like i cared, i guess like every other normal human does with his or her partner? I noticed he didnt care if i talked about my hobbies or drawings. Nothing. So i told him i wish he was more engaged in my stuff only to get the reply 'but i dont care about those things. Why would i fake being interested?' so i actually also stopped caring and listening about his hobbies. I know i should have dumped him at this point but man did i still love him.
Our biggest fights also were about my best friend. I hated how disrespectful he talked about her and i was sick of it. I spent nights days weeks crying about how stuck i was. Almost felt like i had to choose between my best friend and my boyfriend cause there was no way he was ever gonna accept her. I always told him you dont need to be friends but just CHILL and act like a normal person with respect when you see her. Said he couldnt do that. Then at other times when i was just done with it, he said he was sorry and i was right. Next day he was gonna apologise to her cause he wanted to see me happy. But the next day he didnt think like that anymore. He was back to his 'fuck her, i hate her' way of talking. That happened multiple times. Got to the point where if we were fighting about this he said all his friends say im in the wrong. I said yeah ofcourse theyre youre friends? My friends say youre wrong so invalid argument. He said i should talk to my brother or mom and he was sure theyre also gonna say im at fault here. This just made me feel isolated from my family cause i was so scared them telling me im overreacting.
I started getting really depressed cause i pretty much lost my friends, my only friend was sick of me not making time for her and i was stuck in a relationship that made me deeply unhappy. I would give my all to go back to the way it was. I tried talking, so many times i asked him hey are you sure you still love me? cause if you dont thats gonna suck but id rather you tell me. You know i had a feeling something was 'off' for quite some time now. It has been the only time in my life where i felt really suicidal and i was scared of myself. I started drinking heavily and buying coke(bought 3 gs in a period of 2 months). Yep i know, not the healthiest coping mechanism. He hated coke so more fights ensued. We had the type of relationship we wouldnt say the other was not allowed to do something. We could say we didnt like it but thats about it. He didnt want me doing coke but i did it anyway. Not something im very proud of looking back but my mental state was really really really bad.
He talked a lot about a co worker of his, this 'cute lil girl' (i saw pictures and didnt see it at all so wasnt bothered, im not the jealous type at all tbh) for quite some months. Guess somewhere in the last 2 weeks he said the girl, C. her ex had pushed her down the stairs and shes looking for a place to stay. I said well she can come here if she wants to, no problem for me. I got a weird response from him saying 'but thats not possible right thats so weird'. I said but why? If she needs a place she can come but he said no which i thought was weird but didnt think more of it. She had a baby and A. hates kids with every fiber in his damn body. I did was suspicious all of the sudden cause he was being sneaky with his phone and even smiling at it. When confronting him he said 'the boys said something funny'. He always had an excuse, always. I remeber one of the last nights we slept together and seeing he put his phone under his pillow instead of next to his pillow i started to get REAL suspicious. I never once looked through his phone cause i believe thats a big invasion of privacy, together or not. I remember sitting next to his phone contemplating if i should search throug it or not. Didnt want to break his trust so i decided not to. Looking back i really regret not looking.
Oh the weekend before a friend of his came and i knew something was up by the way they both ignored what i said every time i tried to engage in their conversation. Something felt off. I went to 'sleep' just snorting some coke and him and his friend were talking inside. I stopped listening to music and heard them talking about how the sex aint good anymore and how he has doubts. Im gonna be honest i didnt know if what i was hearing was real or i was just getting paranoid from the coke. I know now it did really happen cause he came into the room after something and he was so surprised to see me awake. He got back inside and i heard his friend say 'shes still awake?' and then they put on the tv. LOL. Oh yeah remember when i said he called his ex the bitch? When he was gaming with that buddy another time a couple of days before that i was drawing and listening to music. I got this weird feeling again so i decided to put my sound off and listen to what he was saying. 'Now? Tonight? Yeah. The bitch yeah. Wait ill ask'. *turns to me* hey babe is it okay if my friend comes over?
Yeah. I was also the bitch. That one hurted so much and it still does.
Our fights were getting bigger and bigger, and we just werent happy to see each other anymore. One day he got home and we got in a fight about the washing machine that broke. I said its not gonna work like this isnt it. He responded with a NO ITS NOT and all of the sudden everything bad i did just wordsaladed out of his mouth. I couldnt believe it, i spent months trying to talk with him about our problems, asking if he had doubts, anything. I was so shocked about all im doing wrong in his eyes when he said if theres something he did wrong i should say it. Ofcourse i had SO MANY things to say but i just felt numb at that point, so i said nope all good here. He asked if we should give it another 6 months to see if it gets better or not. I got upset about the fact he put a time on it, now i can see why thats not a bad idea but at the time it felt so weird. Esp since i KNEW something was going on. We let it be and get to rest

Next day, the day of the final break up. He got home and we got in a fight again. I said you know i cant do this anymore, not like this and he agreed. I was struggling real hard cause i just wanted to hear him say he loved me and wanted to fight for this relationship. He didnt. He didnt say he stopped loving me, he just said youre right things have changed, theyre not the same anymore. I said what you mean? Say it. SAY IT. Loser couldnt even say it i had to drag it out of him. He told me he still loved me. I answer THATS A LIE. you either love me and want to continue or you dont. He started crying saying he love wasnt enough anymore. That was the moment i broke down. Finally after months of FEELING hes checked out, just hearing those words hurt so much but also brought relief. Had a feeling he had been cheating for a while now so i confronted him. Asked him straight up is there someone else? He said no and cried some more. Said how he doesnt want someone else for a long time cause he really thought i was the real deal. I told him i dont believe a word from what hes saying. Hes the type of person that cant be alone so i just knew I KNEW. We went a lil back and forth between me asking him it this really what you want? HIm saying he doesnt know and needs to sleep on it. Once that door closed i just felt empty. I knew it was over for real. He wasnt coming back and i didnt want him coming back. He asked for 2 days but the next morning i send a text we both knew the answer so just come over and say it. He came over and i cried a lot, he said he was sorry and thats that.
2 days later he came to 'talk' cause i really needed to process all that was happening. I look at his neck and i see a big ass hickey. I have never hit a man but i had to walk away cause the anger i felt in that moment, oh boy. I stormed away and he yelled 'yeah walk away like you always do, real mature'. I stormed back cause its HIM always leaving the fucking room when things get heated and ooooh im angry just typing this. I slammed the door (first time glass door, but he already slammed it so the glass was half broken and he promised me more than 6 months to fix it, but never did he do it) and a piece of glass flew out. He said look at what youre doing, act normal and all other things that made me feel crazy for overreacting. Look the guy lots 2 teeth what you clearly see when he smiles and he doesnt trim his beard so he lost his good looks, and him saying 'he hooked up w someone while going out' i knew that was a fucking LIE. He said they only kissed and nothing else happened and that hes sorry for hurting me. He left and i was angry and started throwing shit around. Not proud of this but the betrayal i felt was real people. I have never been so hurt ever in my entire life.
We shared a laptop so i got my friend come over cause he was sleeping with some friends for a few days till i packed my shit and moved home. I went through his mails and the first thing i saw was he downloaded tinder just a few hours before officially dumping me. I found out, got pissed, called him and he came over to get his laptop so i couldnt snoop no more. He walked in with a friend of his and ofcourse, the glass door broken and me trashing things sure as hell made me look like a psycho, what is really what he wanted.
I moved out and that was it. I wish. I asked for a last conversation irl cause i still knew he was cheating and i wanted answers. He hurt me even more saying things like you stopped deserving closure when you trashed my place (lil bit overrated, the door was his fault and well i put a blanky over the rest of the mess i made lol) and what do you want me to be celibate for the rest of my life? After every sentence he used my name which made me feel really small and worthless tbh.
I really needed that closure but he was not willing to give me that, so i gave up. He blocked all my family members on facebook which only made me think he has something to hide aka a new official facebook relationship. 3 weeks later he texted me how if i want the closure we had it as soon as possible cause he wanted a new start in the new year (was around christmas time) so i went to him. He asked to meet somewhere outside cause the house we lived in could maybe bring up a lot of memories but i was like fuck it lets just do it there. I knew he had a new roommate, the girl he worked with cause i knew she was looking for a place, but he said in about a month his friend was gonna move in instead. Okay we meet up and it was a bit strange but i said what i needed to say. He said he still wanted to be in my life as a friend, i said if he was a real friend he wouldnt have treated me like shit after the breakup and just had to be there when i asked to have a convo almost a month ago. He showed his true colors and that was not a person i want in my life. I said 'so youre still not seeing anyone?' he almost fucking whispered 'nope' and couldnt look me in the eyes while saying it, but when he looked up again he had this weird smile, cant describe it other than e v i l. Said i didnt believe him and left. He texted me it felt good to have that conversation and im always welcome to smoke one if i want to (both smokers). Said maybe in the far future but probably not and said my goodbyes.
A couple days later im out with my mom and i got a text from my friend saying she has to show me something but i wont like it. It was a picture from A. and his co worker together. Clearly dating. BOYYYY i was so hurt and pissed. I send him a text message i want my deposit from our home back asap and al the money he still had to repay me. He got all angry asking what my problem was and i just ignored him. He send a couple of more texts asking 'well, nothing more to say?'. Kept on ignoring him.
The next day i see i got a facebook message from someone not in my friends list. I click on it and its his new girlfriend. She almost wrote a fucking BOOK and that was the moment i realised how fucked up and heartless my ex really is. Im gonna give you guys a summary and how everything got twisted to make him look like the good guy. Here we go
- i never let him see his friends. (NOT true. I love spending time alone so i would enjoy those moments, it was him who guilt tripped me that first year every single time if i went out with friends)
- i wont let him go see music shows. (again NOT true. He always wanted to cancel last minute and i pushed him to go cause i knew he'd regret it later. Not once have i said he couldnt go. The last week we were together he was going to a concert again and i was feeling shitty but didnt mind him going. Actually i would have loved that evening all by myself. He kept on saying if you dont want me to go but just say so, i can see you want me to stay. Said he could go but if he really wanted to stay he also could stay, said thats his choice. He ended up choosing to stay home. That was the only time such things happened and i never ever said he had to stay home)
-im always fighting and shouting (we fought a lot yes we did, and i know i can raise my voice but i swear to god he could too, even tho he always said he never raised his voice. Oh well)
-im asking for my money back cause im a junkie who cant pay my bills (so i guess im a junkie cause i did coke 3 times in 2 months oh and yeah, its me who cant pay my bills yeah, thats why i lend the guy +1000 dollars.....)
-my smelly pussy doesnt deserve her man (funny cause i remember him saying the same thing about his ex. The thing is i always asked for him to clean up and so did i cause i absolutely HATE nonwashed genitals before sex. He said it ruined the mood.)
-im a fashionista, why the fuck would i wear his band shirts? (i always were his nike or adidas shirts, and for the 2 or 3 times i wore a bandshirt INSIDE mostly UNDER a sweater. jfc)
she ended it with a picture of them together with her wearing his band shirt he got super angry about me wearing it.... that shit fucked me up big time you know. Everything she said were things he said about me to her. He painted himself like the angel and everything he did he twisted to make me look like the bad guy. I called him in anger and he didnt answer the phone. Than i got another text from her but i deleted it.
Later i found out they were facebook official dating after 4 days after dumping me. I know this is a long story and maybe a little bit all over the place, and i missed so many things but i have been typing for so long. If anyone made it till the end thank you for reading. Again i dont know for sure if hes a narc but he sure as hell sounds like one right? I feel like i need therapy or im never gonna get over it.
Oh yeah, he absolutely HATES kids and the new girl has a lil kid. Just cant imagine him being happy lol and have heard from someone hes texting other girls. But today i saw a picture of them having fun with their kids and man that hurt. Even tho he's probably faking things with her as well till something better comes along.

i stopped believing in love, i really did
Small thing i want to add; ive been through some trauma myself when i was younger and i told him i would tell him when im ready. He got angry saying how it hurt him he opened up so soon and i didnt trust him enough to tell what happened to me. He surely used my past to control me 1000%
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2020.10.17 21:11 Bahamas_is_relevant “Nobody Remembers #2:” An analysis of #2OA picks from 1993 to the present.

Fixed after a lot of mistakes.

After the 1993 NHL Draft, legendary bust Alexandre Daigle uttered a now-infamous line: “I'm glad I got drafted first, because no one remembers number two.” Now, obviously that ended badly for him, but did those words ever ring true afterwards? Let’s take a look.
Year Player Team How'd they do? Are they remembered? Were they better than the #1OA?
1993 Chris Pronger Hartford Whalers Pronger played over 1,100 games between five teams, won the Norris and Hart trophies once each, made multiple All-Star teams, won a Cup in Anaheim, and was ultimately elected to the HHOF in 2015. Very much remembered. Yes, by miles. Daigle’s quote bit him in the ass.
1994 Oleg Tverdovsky Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Tverdovsky had a long-ish but unsignificant career, playing a bit over 700 games for five teams and totaling a little over 300 points. He did have a brief peak, hitting 50 points once with Phoenix and twice in his second Anaheim stint, but was overall inconsistent and never really found his groove. Ultimately, he didn’t quite live up to expectations and had no personal achievements aside from being a two-time Cup champion (2003, 2006). Not really remembered, except possibly in Anaheim. No; Ed Jovanovski played over 1,100 games.
1995 Wade Redden New York Islanders Ended up traded to Ottawa before he ever played a game for NYI, due to Ottawa’s failed attempts to sign #1OA Bryan Berard. Spent nine seasons and over 800 games in the Canadian capital including a Finals appearance, before finishing his career with brief stints in New York, St. Louis (whom he hit the 1,000 game milestone with), and Boston. He was a two-time All-Star and a solid scoring option for Ottawa. Definitely remembered up there, but not as much by the league as a whole. Yes; while Berard put up only ~130 less points than Redden in ~400 fewer games, Redden had far greater longevity and consistency, as well as a Finals run.
1996 Andrei Zyuzin San Jose Sharks Like his countryman earlier on this list, Zyuzin spent time with six NHL teams and a variety of minor and European teams throughout his career. Putting up 120 points in just 496 NHL games, he had very little NHL success and never lived up to expectations. Not really remembered much. No; Chris Phillips played over 1,000 games.
1997 Patrick Marleau San Jose Sharks The second of B2B Sharks #2OAs turned out a lot better. Marleau is a Sharks legend, a consistent scoring threat who’s a three-time All-Star with over 1,100 points and holds just about every record of the Sharks’ franchise. He’s only 45 games away from breaking the all-time games played record, currently sitting at over 1,700, and has an ironman streak dating back to 2009. A future HHOFer. No; Joe Thornton, the 1997 #1OA and later longtime teammate of Marleau, has had just as spectacular a career. Based on points and personal achievements, I’d give a significant edge to Jumbo Joe.
1998 Dave Legwand Nashville Predators Legwand spent a long time in Nashville, ending up with the franchise’s games played record as well as all three career scoring records. After 15 years in Tennessee he finished his career with brief stops in Detroit, Ottawa, and Buffalo, reaching the 1,000 GP mark in Ottawa. Certainly remembered in Nashville, not sure about the rest of the league. No; unfortunately for Legwand, the 1998 #1OA was some dude named Vincent Lecavalier.
1999 Daniel Sedin Vancouver Canucks More of both Sedins, really. Daniel specifically put up over 1,000 points in over 1,300 games, winning the Art Ross and Ted Lindsay trophies and going to multiple All-Star Games. Along with his brother Henrik, a first-ballot HHOFer once they’re eligible. Yes, by miles; unfortunately, that year’s #1OA, Patrik Stefan, is more remembered for missing an empty-net goal than anything else.
2000 Dany Heatley Atlanta Thrashers Heatley won the Calder, was a four-time All-Star, and potted multiple 50-goal seasons; he also holds multiple records for the Senators, who he spent the bulk of his career with after just three years in Atlanta, as well as the Thrashers/Jets’ rookie scoring record. Needless to say, he was pretty good. Yes; Rick DiPietro is considered one of the biggest draft busts ever.
2001 Jason Spezza Ottawa Senators Spezza spent a long time as a stellar member of the Senators, including a Finals run and two All-Star Games in addition to multiple 90-point seasons. He’s since had quality tenures with Dallas and Toronto, and just signed another extension after a solid season as a bottom-six forward. An overall high-quality pick, with 940 points in 1,123 games. No; while Spezza is good, Ilya Kovalchuk is better.
2002 Kari Lehtonen Atlanta Thrashers Lehtonen wasn’t terrible for Atlanta, but he wasn’t great either, and was ultimately shipped to Dallas in February of 2010. He ended up having the best years of his career in the Lone Star State, but still never developed into the consistent franchise goalie he was projected as. He does hold most of the Thrashers’ goalie records, though, although they didn’t have a ton of netminders. Sorta remembered, I guess. No; Rick Nash was a pretty damn good hockey player.
2003 Eric Staal Carolina Hurricanes Staal spent 11 and a half seasons in Carolina, winning the Stanley Cup in his 100-point sophomore season and being a consistent 60-80 point player almost his entire time in Raleigh. Serving a long time as Canes captain, he’s been named to six All-Star Games and has lately been a quality scoring option in Minnesota (although now traded to Buffalo). I’d say he’s remembered, and certainly so in Carolina. Toss-up; both Staal and Fleury have had good-but-not-elite careers, though I’d give an edge to Staal by way of making the Second All-Star Team as well as an elusive 100-point season.
2004 Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins Geno is a 3-time Cup champion, Calder winner, 7-time All-Star, 2-time Art Ross winner, and 1-time Hart and Lindsay winner. He is score, a future HHOFer, and one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players. Very much remembered. No; Ovi is Ovi.
2005 Bobby Ryan Mighty Ducks of Anaheim It gets lost in his recent decline, but Bobby Ryan was pretty good early in his career. With Anaheim, he put up no less than 57 points a season for his entire tenure, hitting the 30-goal mark four years in a row. However, he fell off a little when he arrived in Ottawa, never posting more than 56 points, and has since been bought out. He did make his one All-Star Game appearance early in his Sens tenure, though. Good early, but declined rather soon, and somewhat remembered. No; Sidney Crosby.
2006 Jordan Staal Pittsburgh Penguins The second Staal on this list, Jordan went to join Crosby and Malkin in building a Penguins Death Star for the late 2000s. He was good but not great in his 6 seasons with Pittsburgh, topping 40 points on 4 occasions and hitting 50 once. Traded to Carolina a few seasons after a Cup win, he joined his brother Eric and later became Captain in his own right, which he currently still serves as. Still not incredibly productive though, and only somewhat memorable. Toss-up; neither Johnson nor Staal have had great careers, but Staal’s probably been a bit closer to expectations. A cup win doesn’t hurt, either.
2007 James van Riemsdyk Philadelphia Flyers JVR’s original tenure with Philly was brief, only staying for three years before a trade to Toronto in 2012. After never topping the 40 point mark in the former, he had a breakout of sorts in the latter, hitting the 60-point mark twice and the 30-goal mark once in six years. Since re-joining Philly, he hasn’t topped 50, but hasn’t dropped below 40 either. He’ll probably be remembered by the teams he played for. No; see one Patrick Kane.
2008 Drew Doughty Los Angeles Kings Doughty’s topped 50 points 3 times as a defenseman, has 2 Cup wins, is a 5-time All-Star, and a Norris Trophy winner. The core of a Kings team that tore through the West in the early 2010s, he’s a pretty damn good defenseman and probably an HHOFer. Definitely remembered. Toss-up; both Stamkos and Doughty have had stellar careers, but I’d give an edge to Doughty for a bit more personal hardware as well as more Cup wins.
2009 Victor Hedman Tampa Bay Lightning A second-straight defenseman at #2, Hedman has broken out over the last half-decade, topping 50 points in each of the last four years including a 72-point season. He’s also a three-time All-Star and a 1-time Norris Trophy winner, in addition to winning the Conn Smythe Trophy in Tampa’s 2020 championship season. He’ll certainly be remembered. Toss-up; like the previous entry, both Tavares and Hedman have had stellar careers. Also like the previous entry, Hedman has an edge due to hardware.
2010 Tyler Seguin Boston Bruins Seguin had a slow rookie year (albeit with a Cup win) before breaking out his second year in Boston, hitting 67 points and coming just shy of the 30-goal mark. However, after just three seasons with the Bruins, Seguin was sent to Dallas in a 7-player deal. He’s since gotten even better, reaching the 70-point mark all but one season in the Lone Star State and helping the team to the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals, making the All-Star Game 6 times in the process. Pretty damn solid player, and definitely remembered. Toss-up, but semi-significant edge to Seguin due to more points, a Cup, and a second Finals run this past year.
2011 Gabe Landeskog Colorado Avalanche The Avs’ Captain has had a good-not-great career in Denver. Hitting 50 points in his rookie year, he won the Calder Trophy, and has since followed it up with five more seasons of 50+ (and likely a 6th had it not been for COVID). With one All-Star Game appearance, he’s been a solid player, and probably a remembered one for the Avs. Again a toss-up; Landeskog and RNH are pretty much dead-even. Similar points and achievements.
2012 Ryan Murray Columbus Blue Jackets Murray’s career has been ravaged by injuries, only playing one full season in which he recorded just 25 points. After playing just 83 games over his final two years in Columbus, and recording 38 points, he was traded to New Jersey for a 5th-round pick roughly a week ago. Probably won’t be remembered. Yes; although mediocre, Murray is better simply by virtue of still being in the league. God, Yakupov was such a bust.
2013 Alex Barkov Florida Panthers The young Finn has steadily improved throughout his career, having reached 50 points for 5 straight seasons and 60 for the last 3, including an incredible 96-point year in 2018-19. Having been named Captain of the Panthers before that same season, he’s a one-time All-Star and one-time Lady Byng winner, never having topped 18 PIM in a season. He’ll certainly be remembered in Florida, if not in the whole league. No; Barkov is very good, yes, but Nathan MacKinnon.
2014 Sam Reinhart Buffalo Sabres Reinhart has been… decent for Buffalo, having topped 40 points in every full season of his career. He’s improved even more in the past 3, recording 50 points twice and 65 points once. Having hit the 400-game mark in the very last pre-COVID game for Buffalo, he seems to be on the road to remembrance. At the very least, better than his brother. No; Reinhart’s solid, but Ekblad’s an All-Star and the Calder winner.
2015 Jack Eichel Buffalo Sabres Back to back Sabres on this list, and back to back good picks. Eichel improved rapidly, having hit 82 points in 2018-19 and likely topping the mark had it not been for the COVID pause. A three-time All-Star, Eichel is the fourth active Captain on this list, and will almost certainly be remembered. No; Eichel is fantastic, but McDavid is, well, McDavid.
2016 Patrik Laine Winnipeg Jets Laine has been an elite scoring talent since joining Winnipeg, hitting the 30-goal mark in his first 3 seasons and (like others) likely hitting it in the 4th had it not been for COVID. He’s a 1-time All-Star and has never dropped below 50 points, being a great selection at #2. He’ll likely be remembered in Winnipeg, or wherever he ends up if trade rumors are to be believed. No; both have been good, but Matthews has been a generally higher scorer and has multiple All-Star Game nods.
2017 Nolan Patrick Philadelphia Flyers Patrick had a meh start to his career in Philly, only posting roughly 30 points in back to back years, before missing the entire 2019-20 season due to migraine problems. It’s early, but things aren’t looking great for him. No; Nico’s been solid in New Jersey, while Patrick missed the entirety of last season.
2018 Andrei Svechnikov Carolina Hurricanes Svech doubled his rookie point total in his sophomore year, and is currently almost a point-per-game playoff performer. He’s on the road to stardom. Toss-up; Dahlin was a Calder finalist, MISTAAA SVECHNIKOVVVVV’s points shot dramatically up this year. Rather even.
2019 Kaapo Kakko New York Rangers Kakko was highly-touted, but had a slow rookie year, putting up just 10 goals and 23 points over the course of the season. We’ll see how things go. Toss-up; he and Hughes were about equally disappointing, though it’s too early to call.
2020 Quinton Byfield Los Angeles Kings Welp, he was only drafted roughly a week and a half ago. N/A; Obviously too early to call.
In total:
So while Daigle’s quote did bite him in the ass, and a lot of #2OAs are “remembered,” the #1OA has traditionally been better than the #2OA. Guess there was some truth to it.
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2020.10.17 18:40 Amarthien [Review] Air: Sylphs, Spirits and Swan Maidens (Fantasy anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish)

Air: Sylphs, Spirits and Swan Maidens is the third entry in the Elemental Anthologies series by Tyche Books. Now I want to read Fire and Earth as well, because I really liked the range and diversity of content in Air and because I'm an absolute sucker for anything related to the four elements.
This anthology is a combination of prose and poetry, which initially came as a surprise because, honestly, I don't think I've ever encountered poetry in an anthology before. I'm glad Parrish included them though as I don't read poetry much and it was nice to get a chance to do so.
Stories vary greatly in setting and tone as is the case with anthologies and we have a wide variety of creatures ranging from birds to mythological figures. As for poems, they are thematically related and relatively short, and I enjoyed a couple of them.
There are 16 short stories and 5 poems in total and here are my highlights:
Here are the rest for those who are interested:
Recommended if you like short stories, poems, four elements and particularly air, birds, mythological figures and motifs.
Link: Goodreads
Publication date: 18 August 2020
2020 Bingo squares: Published in 2020, short stories, possibly others (made you laugh etc.)
Big thanks to Tyche Books for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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2020.10.16 23:06 bassingpreeze17 29 [M4F] CA/Los Angeles - COVID Free and College Educated for Cougars and other Curvy Company

Greetings all, I hope my goofy alliteration was enough to catch your attention
I'm Joseph, it's a pleasure.
If you're stopping by this post it's mostly likely because you may be like me. Doing your best to follow the rules during the pandemic, holding on but still feeling like you miss good human connection and maybe want something just a little more than the average hook up and run fair that most are looking for here. (Trust me I feel the heat after being locked in for so long and I'm ready to go to town but I like to make sure we connect a bit first). I've poked my head into other spaces but dating apps feel a bit less personal than a long winded essay about me so here I am
Anyways, hopefully my blurbs and willingness to talk will attract you and keep wanting to chat more and get into it before you get into my pants. If you're looking for something that's a little more than just a hook up, look no further because this one has details that won't completely disappoint. So lets get to it:
Stats (so you can size me up): I'm 29 years old, 6'0 tall, brown hair and eyes, white/hispanic mixed, in decent shape, 170lbs, 7 inches and thick, college educated (BA in Communications, and applying to Grad School), can travel/drive, don't mind some weekend drinking but I watch myself and while enjoy an edible sparingly here and there, I'm drug free otherwise and polite and laid back.
Career and Hobbies:Work wise I work for small businesses as a project and digital media manager, usually helping them grow. Currently I'm with an electrical contractor and I help them manage projects and their digital output (mostly advertising but how they do it online) and I also do a bit of teaching on the side to kids in music programs but that's obvs on hold right now with how the world is turning. And as far as hobbies I'm big into video games, I like to collect and learn about old and new projects and try out new games as much as I can. I also like following movies and shows. I'm a big fan of new cooking recipes and when quarantine isn't happening I do like traveling
My status: I'm single. My last relationship ended months ago and it wasnt a long one, COVID just ensured it wouldn't last. It sucks but we mutually made the best call and we are still friends now. With that, I've taken some time to myself and I'm finding being single to feel good. Still, it's been awhile since I've just been on my own and while I know I'll be fine by myself for now, the pandemic makes meeting new people in a more normal fashion tough so here I am shooting my shot. I'm just trying to see who I meet and if there's any kind of decent connections to be made. No pressure.
What I'm into/looking for: Now here's where you come in, as my title says I'm looking for the pleasure and company of an older lady but considering I've actually gotten some messages from interested ladies my age or younger as well I'm open to anyone really. Appearance wise i don't have a long list of preferences, but thickecurvier body types tend to be what I find myself attracted to. Need my dose of thiccc thighs. Age wise I figure 40-60 is a fair range but if you meet the curvy credentials than as long as your are 18-60 I don't mind, shoot your shot. And I have no ethnic background preference but I've happened to mostly date white, hispanic and asian women (could be that's who I attract, just an observation not a limitation) so that is what it is. Beyond appearance as long as we can carry a conversation together and click in that regard I think we'll get along fine
Anyways, if my description sounds like the kind of man you are after, send me details or what you think we'd have in common and a pic of you will get some of me.
Lets keep each other sane and satiated as we can during this quarantine.
Also, here's some pics so you can gauge your attraction right off the bat: https://imgur.com/a/9eQaRRw
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2020.10.16 21:01 Neither_Night_7757 First serious relationship 4 year age difference the tables turned on me :/

For context I’ll be referring to myself as F and my ex girlfriend as K
i guess I’ll start off from the beginning. I met K about 2 years ago we instantly hit it off and we started to fall in love quick. She was 18 at the time and I was 22. Things were great for the first few months but we started to have conflicts regarding me keeping in contact with my ex I had no intention in having any sort of relationship with her other than a friendship. We were just friends we only dated for 3 months. We broke on June and I started dating K in September. Previously K was in a two year relationship from 16-18 years old with a 22 year old. They broke up around June 2018 as well. We both only had a few months to be alone before we got in to another relationship. Around December 2018 we had real problems. I had trouble understanding what being in a relationship meant and the commitment it takes. We were really toxic towards each other in many ways and we needed up taking a break for a week. We lasted 3 days before we both decided we didn’t want a break we wanted to be with each other becase all we felt for each other was love. After that we had such amazing times together we grew together and learned a lot about each other. We had our ups and downs the first year but over all we were madly in love. I never felt this way about anyone before in my life. She became my other half and I became her other half. We were both madly in love with each other and would spend every waking minute together. Around beginning 2020 we started to have more problems. Our differences really started to show the more time we spent together. Through tall this we talked about our future together and how much we wanted that. We wanted to move in together. Get married. Have kids. We had a fairly distant plan to to all these things. We always focused on the future but not really the present. We pushed though our arguments/disagreements and continued to be together and worked towards that. All I felt for her was love and I was ready for all that commitment. One incident that always came up during our fights was regarding one of my friends who disrespected her during a concert one night. I wasn’t there to see what happened and we ended up hanging out with him the rest of the night. K didn’t say anything about the incident until a week or two after. When she told me I had trouble believing her becase it just didn’t seemed like him to treat my girlfriend that way and for her to take that long to say something. I know I should’ve given her the benefit of the doubt. I talked with him and he said he was sorry to me but never apologized to her. After that I stopped hanging out with him. During a lot of the arguments of 2020 she would bring that up. That I didn’t defend her and I let someone disrespect her. Those words would hurt so much becase I honestly tried my best to stand by her but she didn’t see that. That one night put out so much strain on our relationship. All this happens beginning 2019. All thought 2019 and 2020 K said she forgave for not taking action quick or not defending her. I honestly believed her but I know deep down K never forgave me for that. like I mentioned earlier our differences really started to show for the rest of 2020. We would get in to more arguments and disagreements more of them. But we also had amazing times together I would say amazing 60 conflict 40. A bunch of life changing things happened to me during summer 2020 becase of corona and Other reasons During quarantine we felt apart even more. We both decided to try couples therapy to try and come closer and really resolve our issues. She felt like she lost part of her self being in our relationship and the more time went on she didn’t know who she was anymore. She would say in therapy that i changed her that my actions had an affect on how she became. Insecure, lost, not herself not the same person she was before she met me. We went twice and during those two sessions we both felt like they really helped and we felt like we could make things work. We both wanted for things to work. We had more sessions planned. Around august things started to feel normal between us again we started to spend more time together and we took trips and everything seemed great! We celebrated our two years on the first of September. If you looked at us you would think we were madly in love and I know we were. We made plans for December big trips and even made plans for 2021. The day before my birthday the 19th of September. She was getting a tattoo from a guy that offered her a free tattoo. It seemed odd to me but I didn’t think much of it becase I trusted her so much. She went to go get the tattoo. After wards she said she was getting lunch with her friend. I called her during her lunch and she never answered. 30 minutes later she called back and sounded nervous. I had an idea so I pushed and she said she was with her friends. But I could tell in her voice she way lying. I confronted her and told her that I knew she was with the guy and she said she was going to tell me later. We were supposed to get dinner that night with her parents. I came over that night we talked about it and I decided to let it go. 30 minutes later we were laying in bed ready to go and out of nowhere she looks at me I was mad at her how could not be. We start talking one thing lead to another. And I could see she was holding back something. So I told her to just say it. She said she wanted to break up. My heart dropped. I felt like my world was ending at that instant. I asked her if that’s what she really wanted. She said yes in tears. I got up said goodbye to her parents and left. That was the hardest thing ever this time it felt different. I spent my birthday crying and I felt so hurt. We were really over. Three days later I met with her to giver some of the stuff she still had at my house and asked a few questions. She seemed so done with me it hurt, but I accepted it. The next day I get a call from K at night she told me she fucked up. somehow K told one of my friends named M that she hooked up with the tattoo guy the day before. (It’s a long story how she told my friend it was the universe way of karma). It took her two days after We broke to get with someone else. She told me she didn’t regretted it that there was no emotion connected to it she was drunk and acted to not deal with her emotions. I felt like such a fool. I told her that she didn’t owe me anything. I didn’t call her names or said one bad thing towards her. She was still my love. It baffled me that she was so quick to hook up with someone after being in a committed relationship. Was I holding her back that much. After that our break up got pretty messy I did and said stuff that I wish I didn’t. It’s been a month since our break up we still follow each other on social media. I know “why would anyone do that to themselves.” But I can’t get myself to block her. I understand why she called this off. She wanted to be alone. I wanted to start my life and work towards settling down and I thought that’s what she wanted too. Shes about to turn 21 and wants to have that freedom to do what ever. I can’t blame her. I still lover her and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. Part of me hopes that one day we come back to each other but that just seems so crazy to even think about. She’s moved one and has hooked up with multiple guys and I’ve hooked up with multiple girl but it’s just not the same. I saw her last night we got a couples massage and we hooked up afterwards Half way though I couldn’t even finish becase I just felt a wave of sadness. We’re both better off alone at least that’s what I tell myself. I know and she’s made it very clear she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me or with anyone else. We talked about being friends with benefits but I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. I want too. But I know it might not be the best thing.
I don’t know what advice I’m asking for honestly. I just feel so lost and hurt. I want nothing more but to get back with her even after everything but I know that’s not going to happen. I’m at the stage of my life where I want to share my life with some one. I forgot how to be alone. I used to love being alone before this relationship but K taught me how to love. I know being alone is good I need to work on my self. It’s also one of the reasons things didn’t work out we both stopped loving ourselves.
I don’t know if any of this makes sense I’m just typing away hoping it does. If you took the time to read all this thank you. Any advice input or anything is always appreciated.
Ps - if you’re reading this I love you bunny
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2020.10.16 16:02 libbyation I am 23 years old, make $46,000, live in Washington, DC and work as an Admissions Officer.

There’s a lot of privilege baked into what I lay out in this Money Diary through my education and upbringing. I still feel like a novice concerning personal finance but I know I am doing (probably more than) alright. The biggest thing that money does for me is give me peace of mind, and I am very grateful for that.
Section One: Assets and Debt
I started full-time employment in November 2019, so this represents about a year of savings. The Roth IRA was funded in one go when I started getting serious about knowing where my money is and what it’s doing this summer. I have two 403(b)s because I switched brokerages from TIAA to Vanguard; I can’t combine them until I leave this position. My initial contribution was a flat 3%, then I bumped it up to 6%, and more recently, I’ve been contributing $1200 a paycheck, which I will continue through the end of the year, when I’ll readjust down to $800 or so. Our match was paused this summer before I was eligible for it, and it remains paused until Summer 2021.

I have a taxable brokerage account separate from my retirement accounts where I am saving for a down payment on a house. I seeded it with $3k of my own savings and transferred all the assets from a matured UTMA account from my great-uncle (which was being actively managed by my parents’ financial planner until I took control of it this summer). The UTMA was part of how I paid for college, and the remaining $7,000 or so has been rolled into this account. I went back and forth between a HYSA and brokerage for this pot of money, and ultimately decided to keep the money invested in a Target Date Fund (2025) because I don’t plan to purchase a house for another ten years or so (the utility of this is the Target Date Fund automatically creates a glide path of investment allocation). I am still working on selling off the funds the financial planner had me invested in as they mature to a year cost-basis to reinvest in the Target Date Fund.

I have a catch-all savings account, a temporary savings account for my 2021 Roth IRA (I know I ought to just invest it now, but this is a psychological choice for me, down to leaving a buffer for the interest it’ll earn before I invest it), and then a HYSA for my emergency fund and savings for a car (maybe? I’ve been courting the idea of my next job being at a university that is not in a city with great public transit, so this is contingent on that, I don’t really want the responsibility of a car). Because I am shoveling money into my retirement accounts right now, I’m not making contributions to my HYSA, but they will pick up again in January.

I used to keep my checking account at $1k plus my rent, and then siphon off money to my catch-all savings account whenever I got paid. But since I’ve been tracking my money a little better, I move my monthly budget of $1300 into my checking account at the beginning of the month, and then all paychecks immediately get transferred to my catch-all savings.

My health insurance plan makes me eligible for an HSA and I get up to a $750 match every year as a single contributor. Right now I deposit $31.25 each paycheck and my employer matches the entire amount. I’ve already used some of the funds I saved earlier this year.

I pay this off every month and always have. This represents the groceries I bought in this diary, groceries two weeks ago, and ordering dinner for my boyfriend and myself earlier in the month.

This is almost always at a zero balance. I use it to accept rewards from the occasional survey, pay for certain things online, and settle up utility and rent payments with my roommates. It is connected to my credit card and my checking account.

I graduated with a BA in Education Studies and Cognitive Science in May 2019. While I graduated with loans totalling about $16,000, I had the savings on hand to pay them off because I basically didn’t spend money in college and worked every semester but one, plus every summer. I waited until I had secured full-time employment before paying it off before they left deferment; the loans were federal with two different servicers.
Besides loans, I received need-based aid from my school, I applied for and won outside scholarships, withdrew funds from my UTMA account, and my parents paid some out-of-pocket as well.
Was there an expectation that you would pursue higher education? Yes, I am a third-generation college graduate (both my parents, and all of my grandparents, attended college, and some of them have professional and graduate degrees). I always assumed I would go to a state school to save on college costs, but my parents gave me the go-ahead to look beyond that because they understood I would earn scholarships and our family would be eligible for aid. I ended up at an Ivy League school, which I never thought was in my future before my senior year of high school.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parents educate you about finances? We had sporadic conversations that were decidedly educational - I remember my parents getting my siblings and me lockboxes and ledger books instead of piggy banks, taking us to the credit union to open accounts, and hearing kernels of advice. Mostly, I learned by following their habits - how to shop for groceries, how to shop for clothes, how to choose a place to rent, etc. Up until recently, my parents’ financial advisor was also my advisor, and I checked in with him when I had something big going on, like paying for college and choosing benefits at my first professional job.
What was your first job and why did you get it? My first W-2 job was as an RA in college. We were paid with a stipend, but room and board were not covered. I got it because my mom had been an RA in college, and I thought I would be a natural at it being the eldest child of six. Prior to that, I babysat, participated in research studies, and flipped furniture and textbooks, but in high school my parents didn’t want me to have a job so I could focus on school.
Did you worry about money growing up? I understood that money needed to be conserved from my parents’ habits, but I didn’t worry about my personal money or our family’s financial situation. I have been a saver since I was a kid, so it never really occurred to me to spend my birthday money, for instance. In retrospect, I can point to particular times of financial anxiety from my parents (when selling a house, during the Great Recession, when I had to eat school lunch since it was free), but I wasn’t paying so close attention at the time.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net? I was 22 when I finally moved out of my parents’ house for my first full-time position, after graduating from college, working a seasonal job for the summer, and then moving back home. That was the age when I first started paying rent and bills. As far as a safety net, I have an emergency fund and my investments; I also have my nuclear family, a large extended family who I could crash with, some friends in various cities, and untapped education benefits from the government.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? All the passive income from my investments is getting reinvested - it doesn’t amount to much right now. I inherited the money in my old UTMA account mentioned before. My parents each have a will, but I’ve not been told any specifics. All my grandparents are still alive and I don’t know the status of their estates. Because I have many siblings and cousins, and I am “on my feet” compared to them by virtue of being older, I have low expectations of any future inheritance, and I anticipate some of it will be messier than it is worth.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 1 year next month. My starting salary was $46,000 and we did not get a COL raise this year due to the pandemic. Although the job was listed with a salary and I have full benefits, I am actually paid hourly, so if I work after-hours, I get paid overtime.
In college, I worked six semesters as an RA (paid on a stipend), one semester as a college prep tutor manager for a non-profit (also a stipend), one summer as a summer camp counselor (paid hourly, but they rationed who could take overtime), and 3 summers as an RA for a pre-college program (paid hourly with generous overtime, also got room and board). Since these were all paid jobs, I consider them relevant work experience for my career in higher education.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $648
As you can see in the table below, I am currently contributing a high pre-tax amount toward retirement. When I assessed my financial situation earlier this year, I decided I was too cash-heavy and wanted to be more invested, so I increased my contribution and it automatically invests with my paycheck. This is temporary, since I supplement my income with my savings to support my expenses right now, and will end after December. I took these numbers from my paystub and multiplied, so they may not quite add up.
Gross pay $3,537.60
HSA contribution -$62.50
Health insurance -$27.20
Voluntary contribution -$2,400
Taxes -$386.80
Long term disability -$12.46
Net pay $648.62

Side Gig Monthly Take Home: $0
I’ve been looking into reading applications as a part-time job at another school, but haven’t bit the bullet on that one yet. I got $10 from filling out a survey last month, but that’s it for money outside of my job.
Other Monthly Income: $0
Most of the financial out-patient care I received from my parents has pretty much ended. They used to pitch in for the gap between my scholarships and tuition in college, and they would pay for my air travel to and from college, but now I pay for my own travel. The only thing that remains is that I am on their phone plan and use their Netflix and Disney+. We recently had a conversation about this, and I’ll be paying them $20 a month for all this going forward (I know that my line only costs $10, so I’m not getting a parental discount).
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $875/month - I have the smallest room in my apartment, which is a 3 bed, 1 bath I share with two other women. When I went into the office, I was able to walk to work.
Renters insurance: $140.60/year - Through USAA. I paid through December 2021 and will end this policy then, since I’ll be covered under my parents’ policy when I move home (we checked, I was prepared to continue this coverage).
Car insurance: $19.57/month - Through USAA. This is a non-owners policy, since I don’t have a car but wanted to maintain coverage.
Electric: varies from $25 to $50 a month - I pay one of my roommates for my portion.
Wifi: $28/month - I pay one of my roommates for my portion.
Cellphone plus Subscriptions (Netflix and Disney+): $20/month - Paid to my parents.
Groceries: $100-$150/month - I prefer to shop at Aldi, but with the pandemic, I sometimes do my weekly shop at the Giant that is much closer. This includes hygiene and cleaning products.
Eating out: $60-$80/month - I don’t much like eating out at restaurants. Right now this is basically a take-out budget; if I wasn’t dating, this would be more like $30/month, but I like the opportunity to try new food/have something to look forward to/be lazy with my boyfriend.
Clothing, misc.: I might thrift clothes or buy undergarments or shoes new once a month, if that. I don’t keep a hard budget for this type of category, but I have a mental ceiling of $1300 for all outgoing cash flow each month. I haven’t gone over (except for paying off my loans from savings) since moving out on my own. Although the accounting is a little wonky right now, this method allowed for an average savings rate just under 50% of my take-home pay before I messed around with my retirement contributions. It will be neat to figure out my overall savings rate at the end of the year, and I project it to be 60%.
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for ten months and we’re pretty easy-going about money between us. We’re both pretty frugal and don’t normally split bills; he’ll pay for one thing, I’ll pay for the next. If there’s something one of us wants to do and bring the other along, the originator of the idea will cover the cost. Early on I asked if he wanted me to keep a spreadsheet or use an app to split costs, but our method hasn’t caused any problems.
I did live with him (he lives alone) for about five months from the beginning of the pandemic - during that time I still had to pay rent and utilities at my apartment, so my financial contribution at his place was getting groceries for us both every other week (where he would go on the alternating weeks). Since moving out, I see him for dinner on Wednesdays and then the weekends; I’ll cook or order in on Wednesdays, and always try to contribute to the weekend by baking or bringing takeout with me.

Day 1, Thursday, October 8, 2020

7:29am: I’m up a minute before my alarm like the cosmos has something to tell me. My arms are sore from carrying bags of clothing from a women’s clothing round-robin I picked up two days ago. Back to sleep.
8:19am: And we’re awake again. My ‘alarm’ is two hours of NPR so I hear snippets of the VP debate last night. I raise the blinds to my window (I’ve been trying to look outside before I look at a screen lately). Grab my phone and browse reddit, text my boyfriend good morning.
9:06am: Whoops, better make breakfast before starting work. Two slices of sprouted bread in the toaster oven, topped with peanut butter and strawberry jam, alongside two mandarin oranges and my multivitamin. That was the last of my bread, so I update my pantry spreadsheet.
9:15am: Open my work email, nothing pressing for now. No meetings on my schedule either. I open up our application portal and start reading applications - it takes me about half an hour to check today’s batch for completeness.
10:03am: Break to read some news and check my local Buy-Nothing group (where the round-robin originated). See an article about mail-in ballot tracking which reminds me to check on mine, which I mailed on Sunday. It arrived yesterday, and I text my family group chat to celebrate. I can hear my roommates are both awake watching some sort of Halloween baking show.
10:46am: Return to working. Reading more applications, then email. First I address anything brand new, then I systematically attack my 75 email backlog by searching for certain keywords and senders that are more urgent.
11:07am: Take my dishes to the kitchen and refill my water glass.
11:32am: I switch gears with emails. My admissions pet peeve: when applicants misspell my name.
12:02pm: We’re at 63 emails now. I get dressed and make my bed.
12:22pm: Lunch is ravioli with marinara sauce and white beans, carrot sticks, and a slice of fresh mozzarella cut into slices. Work has an optional lunch on Zoom on Thursdays - I log in and no one is there so I end up calling one of my sisters instead.
1:00pm: Still talking with my sister but my on-call shift for work has begun (prospective students can call our office with questions), so I log in in the background.
1:53pm: Wow, we really had a lot to catch up on. School for her, work for me. Back to work.
3:00pm: And my phone shift is over - no calls today. It seems that people have generally forgotten about calling during the several months we didn’t have an active phone line when we started teleworking. I’ve been redditting and doing work brainstorming through this all.
3:27pm: Back to applications. Typically I only do them once a day, but I like the structured checking-off, so I tackle the few that are in my box. What can I say, I love giving the stamp of a complete application so it can go on to further review (I don’t provide an opinion for the admissions decision) - maybe we’ll admit them... it all starts here!
4:43pm: Stumbled upon an application from someone I know - always a nice surprise.
5:24pm: Glance at the clock since my working has transitioned to not really working. Down to 56 emails. I go down a rabbit-hole researching one of today’s recommenders - sometimes they are really interesting people!
5:48pm: Heat up dinner - roasted turkey breast and brussels sprouts I have in the fridge. I compare dinners with my boyfriend over text and settle into some dinner YouTube and two more mandarin oranges.
7:09pm: I’m cooing over the panda update at the National Zoo and decide to bake some biscuits. Went a little overboard on my normal Greek yogurt plus Bisquick recipe, adding some vanilla oat milk and pumpkin pie spice for a dessert feel. They are fragrant and tender.
7:32pm: I clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher.
9:38pm: I run a small bath and use my double-edge safety razor for the first time on my legs. Only three nicks, none of them major, so I feel pretty accomplished.
10:28pm: Chit-chat with my roommates after unloading the dishwasher.
12:15pm: Get ready for bed. I don’t fall asleep until later but my sleep habits are a topic for another time.

Day 2, Friday, October 9, 2020

8:09am: Wake up, open the blinds, and check the weather. Pulled my bed together, turned off the radio, and stuck my finger in my pilea plant. In the kitchen, I pop the last of a berry cobbler in the microwave for breakfast and fill a dish with water to place the pilea in.
8:27am: I open up my work email to see what’s new. Inbox at 64. Most of the emails are applicants wanting to know the status of their application and prospective students wanting to schedule appointments, which I decline.
9:02: I pull the pilea out of the water. Emails are down to 57. Take my breakfast dish and the excess water to the kitchen.
9:05am: Time to file applications. I turn on Spotify for some background noise.
9:42am: Done, so I check in on reddit, then get dressed and get back to work.
11:04am: Pause working to start some pizza dough for calzones to take hiking this weekend. I get distracted by a text from one of my roommates that she doesn’t feel well. She explains the precautions she’s taking. At least kneading is therapeutic.
Noonish: Catching up on personal email as the dough rises.
1:30ish: Calzones are now doing their second rise assembled. Lunch is spaetzle with roasted turkey, white beans, mozzarella, and marinara sauce.
2pm: I message the next person in my clothing round robin since I’ve made my choices of what to keep and what to give away. She can pick up tonight so I tidy the bags. Calzones go in the oven.
2:30pm: Calzones out of the oven to cool.
3:03pm: Remember it’s payday; move my whole paycheck into savings ($373.68, a little higher than normal because I worked overtime last week).
4pm: I have some raisins as a snack, filling a dish with water for my succulent to soak in. I start typing up my Money Diary and enter my hours for work.
4:40pm: I move the clothes down to the curb and keep watch over them, since I’ve had items I’ve set out for people taken before. It’s an easy misunderstanding, so I don’t get mad about it, but it’s disappointing for the person who the items are intended for, so now I watch. She arrives and I help her load her car. Thank goodness that is done; it really was a ton of clothes.
5:02pm: The calzones have cooled so I pack them into the bread bag from the loaf I finished yesterday. I sit back down to close my tabs from the day on my computer. Email is at 58. Time to pack for the weekend!
5:29pm: I write up a cutesy to-do list for the weekend of activities for the weekend. It includes catching up on shows we watch together and things to do on our hike.
6:05pm: I leave my apartment and hop on the metro (my card is still loaded from February, this is only my second time on the metro since then). My boyfriend has me meet him by a Chinese restaurant, where he picks up our order. He pays; the bill is $21.18.
7pm: We walk back to his place. Wash our hands, eat dinner on the couch. We catch up on our days and he puts a CD in the stereo.
9:30pm: We snuggle up with a blanket to watch this week’s Great British Bake Off. In the middle we snack on some challah and lox.
10:30pm: By the end of the episode, I’m practically nodding off, so we head to bed.

Day 3, Saturday, October 10, 2020

7:18am: I wake up and quietly slip out of bed. Get a drink of water and plug in my phone since I neglected that last night. Crawl back into bed since it is too early for a weekend.
8:50am: We’re both awake now, so we muster ourselves out of bed. He makes coffee for himself and then brings it and some more challah and lox to the couch for breakfast.
10:40am or so: We’re dressed, bags packed, water bottles filled, and out the door.
11:30am or so: Car is parked. The drive only took about 35 minutes but the first parking area was full, so it was slow-going to find the other parking area. We hike in bursts on the trail, stopping to spy on birds with binoculars, split a calzone, munch on carrot sticks, or climb down to the river bank to sit and enjoy the outdoors. The ‘destination’ of this hike is a waterfall area, but it is more crowded than the trail so we don’t linger for very long.
4:30pm: Back at the car to drive home.
5:20pm: Home! We change clothes and settle in on the couch.
5:40pm: One of my favorite series in sheltering at home, Secrets of the Zoo, has delivered a new spinoff at the Taronga Zoo in Australia. We’ve watched all the original seasons already, so we dig into this new one together.
6:15pm: My boyfriend makes dinner - pasta with pesto and ricotta cheese.
7:15pm: Switching gears to set up the projector so we can watch Botched on the big screen. We’re finishing up the most recent season. Ice cream ensues.
11:20pm: Finishing an episode just in time to catch SNL. Sometimes we don’t stay up late enough, but tonight we triumph!
1:15am: SNL is over, we’ve brushed our teeth, and we crawl into bed.

Day 4, Sunday, October 11, 2020

9:50am: We’ve both been awake on-and-off, and so concur that it is time to start the day.
10:15am: I turn on more of Secrets of the Zoo on the projector. My boyfriend brings over challah and lox to munch on, and I check off items from our weekend list.
11:40am: Two episodes later, and it’s about time for me to pack up and leave. I get dressed and gather my belongings, and we say goodbye until Wednesday.
12:28pm: I arrive home from my walk, wash up, rotate my pilea plant, and catch up writing Money Diary entries, news from the weekend, and some miscellaneous reddit.
2pm: Pour out some applesauce and sit down to write out my meal plan and grocery list and eyeball the cost of my list. Planning to spend about $30 for my groceries for the week.
2:50pm: Copy my list on paper from my pantry spreadsheet. Check the weather and suit up for rain, pack my backpack, and we’re off to the grocery store!
4:04pm: I arrive at Aldi. It drizzled the whole walk here, but I like the chance to stretch my legs. Bonus from the rain: Very few people are out walking.
4:35pm: Done shopping; I could spend forever at Aldi. I get in line to check out. As I’m waiting, I do mental math and guess I spent $28 for a dozen eggs, a bulk container of whole milk plain greek yogurt, baby bella mushrooms, a dark chocolate bar, a loaf of sprouted bread, a large can of crushed tomatoes, a bag of gala apples, two acorn squash, about 2.5 lbs of red grapes, a package of salted butter, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and two packages of fresh pumpkin ravioli. The final bill is $27.77, so I was a great estimator today!
4:48pm: I depart Aldi and walk back home. The last ten minutes of my walk, the rain starts to pick up.
5:45pm: Made it home, a little damp. I wash up and put away the food. I pull out two pumpkin cookies and smear some peanut butter on them for a snack.
5:55pm: I sit down to read over some supplemental essays for college applications for one of my sisters. Normally I leave comments or edit as I go, but I think she’s hit the right voice today so I just text her that I don’t have any edits.
7pm: Head to the kitchen to roast the acorn squash for this week’s lunches and make dinner for tonight - eggs on top of toast, with olives and pickled onions, alongside some grapes, and a small turkey and mozzarella quesadilla.
8pm: I put my dinner dishes away and pull the squash out of the oven. I settle in to internet browsing and a few squares of dark chocolate for the evening, realizing and then coming to peace with the fact that I am now a Money Diaries cliche.
10:55pm: Showering, getting into pajamas, and tidying up my room. The cooled acorn squash goes into the fridge.
Midnight or so: in bed after some YouTube and writing the intro to this Money Diary.
Total Spend: $27.77

Day 5, Monday, October 12, 2020

7:35am: I wake up to the radio and open the window. It is grey outside and looks like it’ll be cloudy and rainy all day. I get out of bed, straighten the duvet and pillows, and head to the bathroom. Back in my room, I read the news, check reddit, and text my boyfriend good morning.
8:25am: Check my work email. We’re back up to 62. I knock out the easy ones that came in over the weekend (down to 59) and then go make breakfast (two fried eggs with baby bella mushrooms on toast topped with pickled onions and everything bagel seasoning, red grapes, my multivitamin and water).
8:55am: Sit down on the couch in the living room to start the work day by reading applications. Mondays typically have a larger stack to work through because people work on and submit applications more frequently on the weekends. I turn on Spotify tuned to my Daily Drive with news and music very quietly, since I haven’t seen either of my roommates yet this morning.
10am: I head back to my desk in my room so I can log in for a phone shift. Still reading applications.
12:05pm: Realize my phone shift is over, so I log out of that system. I answered one call early on and it was radio silence from there. I am still reading applications, but the end is in sight.
12:30pm: Done reading applications. Time to prepare lunch. I reheat half an acorn squash on the broil function of the toaster oven, and microwave some white beans and tomato sauce I had in the fridge, and top it all with feta cheese. To be honest, I had wanted to get spaghetti squash at the grocery yesterday, but this is so good with acorn squash as the centerpiece.
1:28pm: I sit down with some chocolate and see what is up next for the work day. Blessedly, there are no new emails, so I reference a to-do list I have on a scrap of paper from last week. I decide to rewrite the list with steps broken down before attacking it.
3pm: I break for a pumpkin cookie with peanut butter and to refill my water.
5:15pm: I log out of work and fiddle around with pizza dough recipes before heading to the kitchen to straighten up and make the dough.
5:45pm: Leave the dough to rise in the kitchen. One of my roommates is heating up a frozen lasagna in the oven, so my dough should be happy. I caramelize some onions and throw some sliced mushrooms in with them to top the pizza with when the dough is ready.
7:15pm: I can’t wait any longer, so I deflate the dough and split it into two. I shape and top one pizza and place the other half in the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner. Pizza in the oven.
7:40pm: Dinner, followed by dinner YouTube (mostly vintage SNL), followed by a pumpkin cookie and a wandering path to bed, eventually.

Day 6, Tuesday, October 13, 2020

8am: I’m awake, peek outside, and then snuggle back into bed with my phone.
8:30am: Out of bed to make breakfast - two slices of sprouted toast, two scrambled eggs with some of the caramelized onions and mushrooms from last night and mozzarella stirred in, applesauce, and my multivitamin.
8:50am: I sit down at my desk to start the workday. Email is at 61, but I anticipate I’ll get a bunch forwarded to me within the hour. I start reading applications.
9:45am: Quick break to put away dishes and then back to applications.
10:30am: End is in sight with my applications, but I have to pause for our weekly staff meeting. These used to take a whole hour, but now we can get them down to a neat 20-30 minutes. People share anything relevant to the whole office, and oftentimes share something personal like what they did over the weekend, how their pet/child/plant is doing, or show a show-and-tell item.
1pm: I got a bit distracted after the end of the meeting, but I sit down to lunch (same as yesterday, acorn squash with marinara sauce, white beans, and feta, and an apple) and try to get some things done.
4pm: With all of our recruiting being done virtually, I get to attend and answer questions during info sessions and webinars that my office hosts. Today I’ve been tapped to support one of our Directors, answering questions in that Zoom chat while she coordinates the live interaction. I’m still on camera and end up answering questions with her too, and am exhausted after the whole ordeal.
5:25pm: I call it quits with work. We’re up over 70 emails again.
6:45pm: One of my roommates texts that she’s thinking she might travel for a funeral this weekend. I honestly don’t have the tools in my toolbox to handle this right now, and so I don’t. Dinner is pizza like yesterday, with the dough I left in the fridge. It’s a better-developed crust and I’m very pleased with it. I munched on an apple while it was baking.
10:15pm: I bake some brownies and pour sprinkles on top. They’re done in about 45 minutes and I slice them to cool, then enjoy two.
2am or so: I get anxious about work, so I answer some emails and set them to send in the morning. Down to 63. Then off to bed.

Day 7, Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I neglected to log this day as it happened since it ended up being a mental health day for me. I was up and about in the morning, finished applications, and then felt ill enough to call out of work. Luckily I was able to coordinate with my supervisor, so I was able to break, nap, and take care of myself. I also picked up a new office chair from my Buy Nothing group in the evening, and had my boyfriend over for dinner on the balcony. Breakfast was oatmeal that I made in the instant pot with peanut butter, raisins, and honey. Lunch was eggs with caramelized onions and mushrooms and mozzarella cheese on sprouted toast with grapes. And dinner was pumpkin ravioli in a butter garlic sauce with kale, and focaccia that I made.
Total Expenses:
Food + Drink: $27.77
Fun / Entertainment: $0
Home + Health: $0
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Transport: $0
Other: $0
Lastly, reflect on your diary!
This was a pretty normal week for me. I always get groceries once a week, and we’re solidly in the middle of the month, so I didn’t have rent or utilities to pay. As reflected in my expenses section, I don’t have too many wants and try to limit my financial obligations. This diary does showcase my participation in my Buy Nothing group, and I have gifted items in the past and will do so again before I move.
In the future, I know I will need to build out a more robust budget to allow for things I like to do that are generally on pause now, like seeing plays and musicals, going to aquariums and zoos, and traveling to see friends and family. The habits I have now will enable me to enjoy those activities in the future without worrying about the cost. I’m currently working on projecting my larger future expenses, like new contacts and glasses, some professional certifications, moving, and even grander some-days like going to graduate school, self-funding maternity leave, and financially incentivising retirement saving for my siblings.
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If you have been in a committed relationship for at least one year, have a mental health condition, are an adult (≥ 18 years), and are willing to discuss your experiences, please email [email protected] for more information about the research project.
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WANT: Wishlist MY IGS Rep
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2020.10.14 23:11 Azaezel412 Trying to stop love

This is my first post so hopefully it is in a good enough format.
I need advice because of the old relationship I had been in. I am a 30 y/o male and a pretty good person all around as I’ve been told. Three years prior to now, my gf (herein referred to as A) and I had broken up after 8 years of a tumultuous relationship. We had tried and broken up several times and had been through so many trials and tribulations. As I said though, it’s been 3 years now and I still am in love with her. Let me explain: when I was 18 I met A online. We talked constantly and had a ton in common. However, at that time I was going through a nasty breakup myself. My ex at that time even talked to A and warned her about me being a liar and a bad person. I will admit that I had lied several times but what teenager hadnt? From there we worked hard to build our relationship despite being in different states until finally we reached a breaking point. I was told by A to move in with her and her family (all the way across the country) or we were done. I loved this woman so I moved. It could have turned out terribly but it ended up being amazing. I got along well with her family, got the little siblings I’d always wanted and had a beautiful and loving gf. I wish things had been perfect but this was the very first time I’d been away from my family for so long. This stress made me act out and be difficult in the relationship, seeking others to be friends with, fight with my gf and to just take my mind off my family. I admit, I was not the best bf at this point and I truly did things that hurt her and damaged our relationship. We eventually had to love with her family due to work and we had almost no money. I had a retirement fund that I took out to help with the move and gave freely to her family. We ended up moving and a whole new chapter in our lives began. I started working over 60 hrs a week and made good money. However, she spent the money as fast as I made it. I was still madly in love with A and did all I could, even foregoing sleep for her. She then began to act differently, wanting new friends to come over and wanting to experiment with girls. I wasn’t happy about any of this, especially since our physical relationship was close to non existent. I allowed it just to make her happy and ended up regretting it but after she did what she did, she apologized and things seemed to go back to normal. I eventually was laid off my awesome job and was given no option but to leave back to my hometown. I promised I wouldn’t forget her and we would eventually move in when I had saved enough money. Eventually we made a plan and moved back in together with some of her friends. Things were different but I was just happy to be with my soulmate again. I worked hard and barely made ends meet but we were still happy, or so I thought. I worked more than 40 hrs a week and donated my plasma twice a week. I became thinner and literally ate almost nothing just to save money. I even took out loans to make sure we were okay. We eventually moved close to my parents and after she failed to make it past the second day of a job I got for her I finally had enough, especially since this was her first job ever. Yes I had taken care of her completely up to this point. I sent her back home and told her to make up her mind. Well she certainly did. To this day, she has made it clear she was only using me, she was a lesbian the whole time and just did what she did to have the life she wanted. She’s made terrible jokes about me and given out all my secrets freely. Even after all this though... I still love her. It’s been 3 years since we finally ended things but I still love her. My thoughts are always drawn back to her despite me dating other women, focused solely on work and anything else I can do. I’ve sought medical help which has done some good but I still can’t help but love her and miss her every day. Does anyone have advice?
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2020.10.14 18:23 Arizona-Cardinals NOTES FROM THE CARDINALS 30-10 VICTORY AT NEW YORK JETS (10/11/20)

• The Cardinals defeated the NY Jets 30-10 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. In doing so, Arizona earned its second-ever road win against the Jets and the first since 1975. • With the win, the Cardinals improved to 3-1 all-time at MetLife Stadium and have won three in a row at the venue.
• Sunday’s game (+20) marks the first time since a 23-0 victory over the NY Giants on 12/24/17 that the Cardinals won a game by at least 20 points. It was the first game since the 2016 finale at L.A. Rams (W, 44-6) that Arizona scored 30+ points in a game and allowed 10 points or fewer.
• After going 3-1 in Week 5, the NFC West (14) leads the NFL in wins in 2020. The NFC West remains the only division in which each team has a positive point differential.

2020 NFC West Standings

Team W L PF PA Hm Road Div Conf
Seattle 5 0 169 135 3-0 2-0 0-0 3-0
L.A. Rams 4 1 136 90 2-0 2-1 0-0 4-0
Arizona 3 2 128 102 1-1 2-1 1-0 2-2
San Francisco 2 3 124 114 0-3 2-0 0-1 1-2


• The Cardinals finished Sunday’s game with a season-high 496 total net yards (369 passing, 127 rushing) and 28 first downs. It marks the seventh time Arizona reached 400+ total yards in 21 games under head coach *Kliff Kingsbury*. Arizona reached 400+ yards just once in 32 games over the two seasons combined (2017-18) prior to his arrival.
• Through the first five games, the Cardinals have piled up 1,977 total net yards on offense (1,272 passing; 705 rushing). Arizona’s 1,977 total yards represent the fifth-highest total in franchise history through the first five games of a season – and the most since the team had 2,058 total yards in 1988.

Franchise History – Most Yards Thru 5 Games

Rnk Year Yds
1 1963 2,092
2 1984 2,082
3 1988 2,058
4 1948 2,016
5 2020 1,977
• The 2020 season marks the fourth time in franchise history the Cardinals have at least 1,200 passing yards and 700 rushing yards through the first five games of a season.

Franchise History – 1,200 Pass Yards & 700 Rush Yds Thru 5 Games

Year Pass Rush Total
2020 1,272 705 1,977
1988 1,208 850 2,058
1984 1,322 760 2,082
1963 1,250 842 2,092
• The Cardinals put up 496 total yards of offense and also averaged 7.3 yards per play against the Jets. It is the second time in 21 games under Kingsbury that Arizona has posted 450+ total yards and averaged 7.0+ yards per play in a game (Week 5 at Cincinnati in 2019 – 514 yards, 7.2 ypp). In the 22 years prior to his arrival, the team had just four such performances.
• Below is a look at the Cardinals offensive rankings in 2020:

Arizona Offensive Rankings in 2020

Statistic NFL Rnk
Goal-to-Go TD Pct. (100.0) t-1st
4th Down Conv. Pct. (100.0) t-1st
Red Zone TD Pct. (81.3) 2nd
Total 1st Downs (128) 2nd
Rushing TDs (8) t-3rd
Rushing 1st Downs (46) 4th
Big Play Runs (21) 4th
Total Plays (337) 5th
Big Plays (37) t-5th
Rushing Yards/Game (141.0) 6th
Total TDs (16) t-9th
Sacks Allowed (8) t-10th
Total Yards/Game (395.4) 11th
Passing TDs (8) t-14th


• Sunday’s victory over the Jets marked the eighth consecutive game the Cardinals have scored at least 21 points. Only two teams have longer active streaks than Arizona.

Consecutive Games Scoring 21+ Pts (Active)

Rnk Team Gms
1 Kansas City 16
2 New Orleans* 11
3 Arizona 8
4 Green Bay 7
5 Seattle 6
*Play on MNF in Week 5
• The Cardinals current streak of eight straight games with 21+ points is the team's longest since 2013 (8) and is tied for the fifth-longest in franchise history.

Franchise Record - Consecutive Games Scoring 21+ Pts

Rnk Year(s) Gms
1 1983-84 11
2t 2007-08 10
2t 1948-49 10
4 1975-76 9
5t 2019-20 8
5t 2013 8
5t 2008 8
• The Cardinals have scored 21+ points in 15 of 21 games under Kingsbury. Arizona scored 21+ points in an NFL-low 9 games in the two seasons prior to his arrival (2017-18).


• The Cardinals ran for 127 yards and three TDs on 30 carries (4.2 avg.) in the win over the Jets. Arizona has now rushed for 100+ yards in all five games this season – and in 15 of 21 games under Kingsbury.
• The 2020 season marks just the third time in the last 33 years (1988-20) that the Cardinals have rushed for 100+ yards in each of the first five games of a season.
• The Cardinals three rushing TDs vs. the Jets came from three different players: QB Kyler Murray, RB Chase Edmonds and RB Kenyan Drake. Yesterday’s game marked the first time since 12/20/09 vs. Detroit (RBs Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells and WR Anquan Boldin) that the Cardinals had three different players score a rushing TD in a game.
• Through Week 5, Arizona ranks sixth in the NFL averaging 141.0 rushing yards per game in 2020.

NFL Leaders – Rushing Yards/Game (2020)

Rnk Team Yds/Gm Att Avg TD
1 Cleveland 188.4 172 5.5 8
2 New England 179.8 140 5.1 7
3 Baltimore 160.8 144 5.6 5
4 Minnesota 160.6 154 5.2 8
5 Green Bay 150.8 119 5.1 4
6 Arizona 141.0 148 4.8 8
7 L.A. Rams 139.6 169 4.1 9
8 Pittsburgh 138.8 122 4.6 4
9t Tennessee 129.0 102 3.8 2
9t San Francisco 129.0 128 5.0 8


• The Cardinals defense allowed season-lows in points (10), total yards (285), passing yards (162), yards per play (4.5) and average yards per pass play (4.5) against the Jets on Sunday. • The 10 points allowed are the fewest for the Cardinals under defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. It also marked the fourth time in the last seven games Arizona’s defense has allowed 20 points or fewer. With the win on Sunday, the Cardinals improved to 3-0 this season when holding an opponent to 20 points or fewer.
• Arizona held the Jets to 4-of-13 (31%) on 3rd down conversion attempts and 0-of-2 on 4th down attempts on Sunday. The Cardinals also held the Jets to just one TD on three red zone possessions and kept them out of the end zone in their only goal-to-goal possession.
• Below is a look at the Cardinals defensive rankings in 2020:

Arizona Defensive Rankings in 2020

Statistic NFL Rnk
Goal-to-Go TD Pct. (40.0) 1st
Red Zone TD Pct. (42.9) t-2nd
3rd Down Pct. (35.6) 4th
Points Allowed/Game (20.4) 5th
Passing Yards/Game (222.4) 5th
Rushing TDs Allowed (3) t-5th
Points/Drive Allowed (1.92) 7th
Sacks (14.0) t-7th
Tackles for Loss (24) t-7th
Total TDs Allowed (11) t-8th
QB Hits (29) t-9th
Total Net Yards/Game (346.6) 10th
• With LB Dennis Gardeck (2.0) and S Budda Baker recording their first sack of the season on Sunday, the Cardinals now have had nine different players post at least 1.0 sack in 2020. Baltimore (11) is the only team who has more players with at least 1.0 sack this season.


• After catching six passes for 131 yards and a TD in yesterday’s win over the Jets, WR DeAndre Hopkins continues his record-breaking debut season with the Cardinals. Through five games, Hopkins has 45 receptions for 528 yards and two TDs.
Hopkins leads the NFL in receptions, receiving yards and first down receptions in 2020.

NFL Leaders – Receptions (2020) NFL Leaders – Receiving Yards (2020)

Rnk Player (Team) Rec Rnk Player (Team) Yds
1 DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 45 1 DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 528
2 Amari Cooper (Dal) 39 2 D.K. Metcalf (Sea) 496
3 Robby Anderson (Car) 36 3 Robby Anderson (Car) 489
4 Allen Robinson (Chi) 35 4 Calvin Ridley (Atl) 485
5 Darren Waller (LV) 34 5 CeeDee Lamb (Dal) 433

NFL Leaders – 1st Down Receptions (2020)

Rnk Player (Team) 1st
1 DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 29
2t Tyler Boyd (Cin) 25
2t Calvin Ridley (Atl) 25
4 Amari Cooper (Dal) 23
5t Terry McLaurin (Was) 22
5t Travis Kelce (KC) 22
• Only three players in NFL history had more receptions through the first five games of a season than Hopkins has in 2020.

NFL Record – Receptions in 1st 5 Games of a Season

Rnk Player (Team) Rec Year
1t Adam Thielen (Min) 47 2018
1t T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Cin) 47 2007
3 Michael Thomas (NO) 46 2018
4t DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 45 2020
4t Michael Thomas (NO) 45 2019
4t Wes Welker (NE) 45 2011
• Hopkins’ 45 catches set an NFL record for most receptions in a player’s first five games with a team. The previous record of 42 was set by Eric Metcalf (Atlanta) in 1995.

NFL Record – Receptions in 1st 5 Games with a Team

Rnk Player (Team) Rec Year
1 DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 45 2020
2 Eric Metcalf (Atl) 42 1995
3 Terance Mathis (Atl) 40 1994
4 Andre Rison (Atl) 38 1990
5t Brandon Marshall (Mia) 37 2010
5t Brandon Marshall (NYJ) 37 2015
• Hopkins (45) also established a franchise record for receptions in the first five games of a season. J.T. Smith (44 in 1989) held the previous mark.

Franchise Record – Receptions in 1st 5 Games of Season

Rnk Player (Year) Rec
1 DeAndre Hopkins (2020) 45
2 J.T. Smith (1989) 44
3t Larry Fitzgerald (2005) 36
3t Anquan Boldin (2005) 36
5t Larry Fitzgerald (2009) 35
5t Larry Centers (1996) 35
• Hopkins has 528 receiving yards in 2020. Only two players in franchise history had more receiving yards through the first five games of a season.

Franchise Record – Receiving Yards in 1st 5 Games of Season

Rnk Player (Year) Yds
1 J.T. Smith (1989) 549
2 Anquan Boldin (2005) 547
3 DeAndre Hopkins (2020) 528
4 Larry Fitzgerald (2005) 504
5 Anquan Boldin (2003) 497
Sunday’s game marked Hopkins’ third with 130+ receiving yards this season. He is the first player in Cardinals history with at least three games of 130+ receiving yards in the first five games of a season. He joins Julio Jones (3 in 2015 with Atlanta) and Jimmy Graham (3 in 2013 with New Orleans) as the only players in the last 11 seasons to accomplish the feat.
• Following his 131-yard performance against the Jets, Hopkins now has 9,130 receiving yards for his career. Only three players in NFL history reached 9,000 receiving yards at a younger age than Hopkins (28 years, 127 days).

NFL History – Youngest Players to Reach 9,000 Receiving Yards

Player Age Years
Randy Moss 27 years, 310 days 1998-04
Calvin Johnson 28 years, 56 days 2007-13
Larry Fitzgerald 28 years, 81 days 2004-11
DeAndre Hopkins 28 years, 127 days 2013-20
Julio Jones 28 years, 326 days 2011-17
• Hopkins now has five-or-more receptions in 23 consecutive games played. In NFL history, Hopkins and Antonio Brown (36 straight) are the only players with 5+ receptions in at least 23 consecutive games.

NFL History – Consecutive Games with 5+ Receptions (All-Time)

Rnk Player (Team) Gms Years
1 Antonio Brown (Pit) 36 2013-15
2 DeAndre Hopkins (Hou/AZ) 23* 2018-20
3t Michael Thomas (NO) 20 2018-19
3t Jarvis Landry (Mia/Cle) 20 2017-18
5 Laveranues Coles (NYJ/Was) 19 2002-03
*Active Streak • Hopkins has at least one reception in all 115 games played in his career. His streak of 115 consecutive games with a catch is the fourth-longest active streak in the NFL.

NFL Leaders - Consecutive Games with a Reception (Active Streaks)

Rnk Player (Team) Gms Date Streak Started
1 Larry Fitzgerald (AZ) 248 Nov. 7, 2004
2 Julio Jones (Atl) 121 Dec. 4, 2011
3 Golden Tate (NYG) 119 Oct. 28, 2012
4 DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 115 Sept. 9, 2013
5t Travis Kelce (KC) 100 Sept. 7, 2014
5t Jarvis Landry (Cle) 100 Sept. 14, 2014
• Yesterday’s game marked Hopkins 33rd career 100-yard outing – and third in five games with Arizona (151 @ SF in Week 1; 137 vs. Det in Week 3). Dating back to his first NFL season in 2013, only two players have more 100-yard games than Hopkins.

NFL Leaders – Games with 100+ Receiving Yards (2013-20)

Rnk Player (Team) Gms
1 Julio Jones (Atl) 47
2 Antonio Brown (FA) 39
3 DeAndre Hopkins (AZ) 33
4 T.Y. Hilton (Ind) 28
5t Odell Beckham (Cle) 26
5t Mike Evans (TB) 26
• Dating back to 2017, Hopkins (20) and Atlanta’s Julio Jones (21) are the only players in the NFL with at least 20 games of 100+ receiving yards.
• With his 131-yard performance on Sunday, Hopkins has gone over 100 yards receiving in all three career games against the Jets. In those three games, he had 419 yards and five TDs on 21 receptions.

Hopkins Career vs. the Jets

Date Rec Yds Avg. TD (Dist)
10/11/20 @ NYJ 6 131 21.8 1 (37)
12/15/18 @ NYJ 10 170 17.0 2 (45, 14)
11/22/15 vs. NYJ 5 118 23.6 2 (61, 20)
Totals 21 419 19.9 5 • Combined with his 116 yards against the Giants in 2014, Hopkins now has 100+ receiving yards in all three games he has played at MetLife Stadium (2 vs. Jets; 1 vs. the Giants)

Hopkins Career Games at MetLife Stadium

Date Rec Yds Avg. TD (Dist)
10/11/20 @ NYJ 6 131 21.8 1 (37)
12/15/18 @ NYJ 10 170 17.0 2 (45, 14)
9/21/14 vs. NYG 6 116 19.3 0
Totals 22 417 18.9 3


• In Sunday’s win over the Jets, QB Kyler Murray completed 27-of-37 pass attempts (72.9%) for a career-high 380 yards, a TD and a passer rating of 103.4. He also rushed for 31 yards and a TD on nine carries.
• Murray’s 380 passing yards on Sunday represent the highest total for a Cardinals QB since Carson Palmer threw for 421 yards on 10/18/15 at Pittsburgh. It was the most passing yards by a Cardinals QB in a win since Palmer threw for 419 yards in a 27-14 victory at Jacksonville on 11/17/13.
• With his 380 passing yards on Sunday, Murray surpassed 5,000 career passing yards (5,021). Combined with his 840 career rushing yards, Murray now joins Cam Newton (5,205 passing yards; 915 rushing yards) as the only players in NFL history with 5,000+ passing yards and 800+ rushing yards in their first 21 career starts.
• Through five games, Murray has completed 128-of-181 pass attempts for 1,299 yards and 8 TDs, while also rushing for 296 yards and five TDs on 41 carries. He joins Cam Newton (2011) and Kordell Stewart (1997) as the only players in NFL history with at least five passing and five rushing TDs through the first five games of a season.

NFL History – Players w/ 5 Pass & 5 Rush TDs Thru 5 Games

Year Player (Team) Pass Rush
2020 Kyler Murray (AZ) 8 5
2011 Cam Newton (Car) 7 5
1997 Kordell Stewart (Pit) 7 6
• After throwing for a career-high 380 yards against the Jets on Sunday, Murray now has six career 300-yard outings. No other QB in franchise history had more than four games with 300+ passing yards in their first two NFL seasons.

Franchise Record – Games w/ 300+ Passing Yards in 1st 2 Seasons

Rnk Player (Years) Gms
1 Kyler Murray (2019-20) 6
2 Jake Plummer (1997-98) 4
3 Charley Johnson (1962-63) 3
4t Ryan Lindley (2012-14) 2
4t John Skelton (2011-12) 2
4t Timm Rosenbach (1989-90) 2
4t Jim Hart (1966-67) 2
Yesterday’s game was Murray’s fifth with both a passing and rushing TD, including his fourth such performance in five games this season. Only four players in franchise history had more games with both a passing and rushing TD in their career than Murray has in his first 21 career games.

Franchise Record – Games w/ Rush & Pass TD (Career)

Rnk Player (Years) Gms
1 Jim Hart (1966-83) 11
2 Ernie Nevers (1929-31) 8
3 Charley Johnson (1961-69) 7
4 Paul Christman (1945-49) 6
5t Kyler Murray (2019-20) 5
5t Jake Plummer (1997-02) 5
5t Charley Trippi (1947-55) 5
• Murray (4) joins Jim Hart (5 in 1968) as the only players in franchise history with at least four such games in a season.
• In just five games, Murray (5) has surpassed the number of rushing TDs he had in 16 games last season (4). Jim Hart (6 in 1968) is the only QB in franchise history who had more rushing TDs in a season than Murray has through five games in 2020.

Franchise Record – Rushing TDs by Quarterback (Season)

Rnk Player (Year) TDs Gms
1 Jim Hart (1968) 6 13
2t Kyler Murray (2020) 5 5
2t King Hill (1959) 5 11
2t Lamar McHan (1956) 5 12
5t Kyler Murray (2019) 4 16
5t Jake Plummer (1998) 4 16
5t Charley Trippi (1952) 4 11
5t Charley Trippi (1951) 4 12
5t Arnie Horween (1922) 4 11
• Murray’s 37-yard TD pass to DeAndre Hopkins in the fourth quarter was his 28th career TD pass. He now needs just five more to pass Jake Plummer (32) for the most in franchise history by a player in his first two seasons.

Franchise Record – TD Passes in 1st 2 NFL Seasons

Rnk Player (Years) TDs
1 Jake Plummer (1997-98) 32
2 Kyler Murray (2019-20) 28
3 Jim Hart (1966-67) 19
4 Paul Christman (1945-46) 18
5 Lamar McHan (1954-55) 17
On the Cardinals five scoring drives on Sunday, Murray completed 18-of-22 pass attempts (81.8%) for 290 yards and a TD while also rushing for 33 yards and a TD on five carries.

Murray Statistics on 5 Cardinals Scoring Drives

Drive Statistics
1. 4-4 for 41 yards; 1 rush for 16 yards
2. 3-5 for 57 yards; 3 rush for 15 yards and TD
3. 4-5 for 52 yards
4. 4-4 for 48 yards
5. 3-4 for 92 yards and a TD; 1 rush for 2 yards


• WR Larry Fitzgerald caught four passes for 35 yards against the Jets on Sunday while playing in his 255th career game. In NFL history, only eight players have appeared in more games with a single team. The only offensive players in NFL history to appear in more games with a single team are OL Bruce Matthews (296 w/Titans), QB Tom Brady (285 w/Patriots) and OL Jackie Slater (259 w/ Rams).

NFL Leaders - Games w/ Single Team (All-Time)

Rnk Player (Team) Games
1 K Jason Hanson (Det) 327
2 OL Bruce Matthews (Hou/Ten) 296
3 CB Darrell Green (Was) 295
4 QB Tom Brady (NE)* 285
5 DE Jim Marshall (Min) 270
6 K Sebastian Janikowski (Oak) 268
7 OL Jackie Slater (LAR) 259
8 LS David Binn (SD) 256
9t WR Larry Fitzgerald (AZ)* 255
9t QB Brett Favre (GB) 255
9t TE Jason Witten (Dal)* 255
*Active Player
• The win over the Jets also represented Fitzgerald’s 89th consecutive start in a streak that dates back to 2014. That is the longest starting streak among active wide receivers and the sixth-longest active starting streak among offensive players in the NFL.

NFL Leaders – Consecutive Starts by Offensive Players (Active)

Rnk Player (Team) Starts
1 QB Philip Rivers (Ind) 229
2t T Mitchell Schwartz (KC) 133
2t QB Russell Wilson (Sea) 133
4 T Jake Matthews (Atl) 99
5 C Jason Kelce (Phi) 94
6 WR Larry Fitzgerald (AZ) 89
7 TE Kyle Rudolph (Min) 86
8t C Alex Mack (Atl) 85
8t T Morgan Moses (Was) 85
10 QB Dak Prescott (Dal) 69
• After catching four passes against the Jets, Fitzgerald now has at least one reception in 248 consecutive games, the second-longest streak in NFL history behind Jerry Rice (274 straight). Fitzgerald’s streak of 248 consecutive games with a catch is the longest in NFL history with a single team. Fitzgerald has at least one reception in 254 of 255 career games.

NFL Record - Consecutive Games with a Reception

Rnk Player (Years) Games Streak Dates Duration
1 Jerry Rice (1985-2004) 274 12/9/85 – 9/12/04 18 years, 8 months, 15 days
2 Larry Fitzgerald (2004-) 248 11/7/04 – 10/11/20 15 years, 11 months, 4 days
3 Tony Gonzalez (2000-2013) 211 12/4/00 – 12/29/13 13 years, 26 days
4 Marvin Harrison (1996-2008) 190 9/1/96 – 12/28/08 12 years, 3 months, 28 days
5 Hines Ward (1998-2010) 186 11/9/98 – 11/8/10 12 years
• Among active streaks, Fitzgerald’s run of 248 consecutive games with a reception is more than twice as long as the second-place total: Julio Jones (121 games).


• After becoming just the sixth player in NFL history with three TD runs of 20+ yards in a single game in the Cardinals Week 7 victory over the Giants at MetLife Stadium last season, RB Chase Edmonds broke off yet another long TD run against the Jets on Sunday. The third-year back scored the first TD of the game on a 29-yard run in the first quarter.
• Combined with his three rushing TDs (20, 20 and 22 yards) against the Giants in Week 7 last season, Edmonds now has four TDs in two career games at MetLife Stadium. Edmonds has 6 TDs in 32 career games played away from MetLife Stadium.
• Edmonds’ 29-yard TD run in the first quarter on Sunday was his fifth career TD run of 20+ yards. Only three players in franchise history had more TD runs of 20+ yards in their career than Edmonds.

Franchise Record – TD Runs of 20+ Yards

Rnk Player (Years) TD
1 Ottis Anderson (1979-86) 7
2 Elmer Angsman (1946-52) 6
3 Ollie Matson (1952-58) 6
4t Chase Edmonds (2018-20) 5
4t John David Crow (1958-64) 5
4t Terry Metcalf (1973-77) 5
Edmonds five TD runs of 20+ yards over the last two seasons (2019-20) are the most in the NFL.

NFL Leaders – TD Runs of 20+ Yards (2019-20)

Rnk Player (Team) TD
1 Chase Edmonds (AZ) 5
2 Christian McCaffrey (Car) 4
3t Kyler Murray (AZ) 3
3t Saquon Barkley (NYG) 3
3t Nick Chubb (Cle) 3
3t Derrick Henry (Ten) 3
3t Lamar Jackson (Bal) 3
3t Aaron Jones (GB) 3
3t Raheem Mostert (SF) 3
• Edmonds finished Sunday’s game with 92 total scrimmage yards (56 receiving, 36 rushing) and a TD on eight touches. His 56 receiving yards set a career high.


• Playing the first defensive snaps of his career, LB Dennis Gardeck – a special teams captain and standout who signed with the Cardinals as a rookie free agent out of the University of Sioux Falls in 2018 – recorded his first career sack when he took down Jets QB Joe Flacco for a nine-yard loss in the second quarter. It was Gardeck’s first sack since his senior year at Sioux Falls when he took down Augustana QB Gage McClanahan for a one-yard loss on 10/28/17.
• Gardeck added a second sack in the fourth quarter. With 2.0 sacks against the Jets, Gardeck now joins Chandler Jones (4x) and Terrell Suggs (1x) as the only Cardinals defenders in the last two seasons (2019-20) to record at least 2.0 sacks in a game.
• Gardeck finished with 2.0 sacks in just 10 defensive snaps against the Jets.


• RB Kenyan Drake finished Sunday’s game with 60 rushing yards on 18 attempts and scored his second TD of the season on a one-yard run in the third quarter. It was Drake’s 10th rushing TD in 13 games played with Arizona. He now has nine rushing TDs in his last eight games.
• Drake has more rushing TDs in 13 games with Arizona (10) than he had in 54 games with Miami (9).
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2020.10.14 00:30 RetroRian My SILs hate me for establishing boundaries.

This post mentions domestic abuse and rape just by the words
I’m gonna make this pretty bullet pointed, 1. Because it’s a lot of info and 2. I’m typing on mobile and have anxiety tremors.
Don’t use this without my permission
So my sisters in law hate me, some background on me 1. I’m 22, married to DH (22) since June 2. I have ptsd from a lot of domestic abuse 3. I’ve been in therapy since 13, and have a pretty good handle on any triggers or issues. 4. We moved from New England to GA because my husband works for the DOD in August. And my AF Reserves career. 5. I haven’t seen them since August, he hasn’t since February. 6. We have 1 cat who was basically their family cat, is loved by all. 1 who is our cat, and 2 kittens who were brought to help j destress and 1 Great Dane puppy, who I needed Cs dog training opinion on.
Background on my SILs
J(20) - married to husbands BFF - I considered her a best friend - college students working on a fixer upper house - live in VA - We were at her house - has a crazy sister in law H
B (18) - is one of those 18 year olds that thinks they are grown - has given me multiple episodes (I usually have 1 a month) by just deciding to “forget” my issues when it’s inconvenient for her, this is backed up by my husbands experience (ie debating me on rape) - is dating a 33 year old (have invited her over and tried to be kind prior but she’s very rude) woman, whom she lives with after dad kicked her out for sneaking her into the house. - can only discuss her views and how you are wrong
Also included in the trip were C- Js husband, K- 16 year old SIL and M- 13 year old BIL and S- Bs GF 33
On the 3-4th J called me, pretty normal, about her SIL H trying to illegally enter her home, calling cops, playing the victim, after J and C changed the door code from the house they used to share with H, fixer upper, 2 story, gonna be 3-4 apartments, after she had been moved/kicked out for 2 ish months, and had told C that she didn’t need anything else in the house (it was a disaster where she used to live).
My husband can attest that J doesn’t handle confrontation well, and me being a kinda momma bear friend was very upset that she was being hurt.
She also voiced that B, K, and S (m was a surprise) were coming down for the long weekend and she didn’t really feel comfortable with S as she had this sense of “humor” (I call it emotional manipulation) where she brings up the most upsetting things about you as a joke.
We had been talking for a while about going to see then whenever we could, but my husband agreed we should go for the week, maybe leave before BKS got there but just help set up.
The week we were alone with them was pretty simple we: - surprised my SIL (BIL knew) - helped move furniture so everyone could sit in front of the TV. - let my SIL vent - took my SIL to Walmart to purchase snacks and basics (they are college students, we have a little extra money) - filled up their car with gas/filled tires/replaced wiper fluid - attended a fan club - went to their friends house for couples general conference - j got to constantly cuddle the soft kittens - made dinner as they are busy with class on their busiest day, and since we were in their house. - finally gave their big dog a worthy opponent
My uncle had a stroke the night before B was set to arrive and I stupidly decided to stay and support J instead of going home to Texas.
Everything was okay and they kept saying they wanted us to stay (if we had been asked to leave we would have) Until they got there.
I had established 3 boundaries over time and was fine until they were hit. Those are 1. Nobody takes the puppy who doesn’t know you and is still nippy if scared, and is 60 lbs, out of the kennel or off his tether, as he’s a runner and won’t come back to you. Also he’s grain free due to some issues and can’t eat my SIL dogs (2) food. 2. Please don’t bring up my domestic abuse/trauma as a joke or compare it to your own. 3. Please don’t put me down
While they were here - I cooked B her favorite things (6 different boxes of Mac and Cheese, and snickerdoodles) nobody joined me in the kitchen which was fine it gave me time to kinda relax. - B and S took my dog for a walk without really asking (they didn’t ask) - B kept telling K to get my dog out or making remarks about why we are bad for not letting him roam (their stuff was on the ground, he likes to eat cords, he’s a puppy, and he’s asleep in the kennel) - B left S alone in the house as they kept getting in fights which didn’t sit well with J. - B made a joke I heard from the other room about previously letting the dog out and having him run away from her and outside which I didn’t know of. - S brought up one of my biggest traumas that I am the most ashamed of as a joke in the middle of dinner. - B and S pretended to not hear me speaking but made it clear they did over and over. - they treated M who me and my husband are very protective of like a trash servant. - we placed the kittens into the room where we were staying, 1 had previously lived with B and S, and S loved him. But B has allergies and we didn’t want to upset them, however she kept getting them out and cuddling and rubbing them all over her, downstairs, and then demanding we heard 4 cats back upstairs, which we didn’t mind but then would complain about the allergies like I was trying to kill her.
Needless to say I had an episode. Or three. and would go upstairs to kinda hide that.
DH asked J if she would run to Walmart with me, I ended up buying some underwear and stuff I didn’t really need and covered her purchases as well for coming with me and listening to me vent about how I felt unheard.
She said I should probably talk to B, and I asked if she would accompany me because I really didn’t feel safe as B can kinda steamroll me into apologizing for my own feelings.
Apparently while we were out B was complaining she wasn’t invited. And called to ask why she wasn’t, but she wasn’t even at the house she was out at CVS with S.
When she got back I offered to drive her to Cvs to get allergy medication and told her I wanted to talk about some stuff without her brother, her BIL or S around, and J did as well.
B got in the car and I told her the following
B immediately started claiming that I had never established boundaries, that we made both her and S who we found out (had long assumed) was her girlfriend feel unwelcome in the family, and that S was just joking and that even tho we never got an apology for her triggering us, that she knew the jokes upset us. We reiterated that we loved her and just wanted communication to be better and didn’t know how to do that, as what we had tried had failed. I ended up apologizing for my feelings like a bitch, and ended up just trying to not have worse episodes the rest of the time.
I thought everything was said and done. Except for a few more jokes and a few more times where I was steamrolled it was fine.
Until we were driving home and got a long rant from B calling us “children” for not being direct (a text message is the least direct way to do this but okay), and never establishing boundaries (I have done this she just doesn’t respect them) and claimed we 1. Should have been thankful that she took our dog out 2. That knowing him for 2 hours makes her not a stranger (it was like 15 minutes of real interaction) and that should count for something 3. That S made the joke because she assumed J and C knew that story from my trauma (they didn’t but that doesn’t matter it did trigger me tho) 4. And that unless I told her every boundary I had I wasn’t allowed to be upset (not upset with her, just not allowed to have emotions)
I called J, mostly because we didn’t know what to say and I needed my best friend. She was cold and I sensed something had changed so I just said goodbye and ended the call.
B called us not thirty minutes later and told us the following 1. “You ruined MY weekend by being there and stealing my time” I’m sorry if this had been communicated at the time we would have left 2. “J is upset with you, thinks you cause so much drama and are a lying mean person and you caused her more stress than anyone.” j hadn’t told us this and says this is a lie. 3. “You (my DH) should really figure out where you stand and get her (me) figured out and this under control”
I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe, I had to pull over and I was so upset that not only I had in my mind hurt B and more importantly J, but that I was being painted as insane for not being willing to just take it and let her be honestly a massive B-word.
My husband ended up telling her to never contact us again if she thought his was appropriate and disinvited her to Christmas (I had invited her and S and Ss kids). We called J to apologize for being an inconvenience and she said she had never said it but stuck by B saying that B said she never did anything to me, which J had previously believed me and my husband as this is Bs MO. DH asked that we take a break from our friendship with them, as the lack of granting us the same amount of benefit of the doubt, or understanding was showing that they didn’t value us at all. This upset J as she wants everyone to get along, and I was in the middle of an episode, which my husband communicated but J wanted to talk to me and was mad and angry and didn’t understand my husband saying I physically couldn’t right now.
We haven’t talked to anyone in a day, and canceled their side coming to Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas to avoid dragging anyone else into unnecessary drama or bringing it into our home.
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